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Battlefield, MO Homes For Sale Real Estate

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Battlefield MO is a close knit suburb type community just outside Springfield MO. It boasts wonderful natural beauty, new homes for sale and housing communities, natural trails and best of all it is home to the Wilson Creek National Battlefield.

Wilson's Creek National Battlefield is home to one of the finest publically held museum collections representing the American Civil War in the Trans-Mississippi West Theater.

The museum collections include historic objects and documents from many of the battles in the Trans-Mississippi Theatre of the War. The collections also contain objects from prisoner of war camps where Trans-Mississippian soldiers were detained and perished, items documenting battlefield medicine and advances in treatment, objects and documents that lead to a greater understanding of the role of women in the Civil War, and items documenting the naval aspect of warfare in the Trans-Mississippi Theater.

The collections also contain over 1500 images of Civil War soldiers, battlefields, and civilians; a large field ordinance collection; period furniture; drawings by soldiers; an extensive medical tools and equipment collection; uniforms, hats, and other textiles; household objects; saddles, and saddle bags; and many personal items from soldiers that include grooming kits, playing cards, dice, dominoes, tobacco pipes, and housewife kits (sewing kits). The park's extensive archival collections include personal diaries and journals, civilian and military correspondence, and military orders.



Battlefield, MO Homes For Sale MO Homes for Sale

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