12 Things to Do in SGF for Under $20

September 25, 2017

You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy the city. There’s tons of stuff to do here that won’t break the bank. We’re lucky to live in a city that has a cost of living that is 10% below the national average and housing that is 21% below the national average. Even if things are tight (or maybe you’re just tight!), there’s still something fun you can do in Springfield. Here are a few ideas of things to do that cost less than an Andrew Jackson.

Archery Range at the Davis House

5780 S Farm Rd 141

M – F 12:00 PM — 7:00 PM  |  Sat – 10:00 AM — 1:00 PM  |  Sun – Closed


Channel your inner Legolas at the Archery Range at the Davis House.  There’s plenty of times available to go for open shooting, but they also offer affordable classes for lots of different skill levels. There are three separate ranges, one indoor range at 20 yards, an outdoor sight-in range at 70 yards and walking wooded range with 14 targets! If you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent some for just $3 to participate at the course. All in all, you and another person could go shoot targets for an hour and only spend $16!

Cost: $5 per hour

Missouri Institute of Natural Science

2327 W. Farm Road 190

(417) 883-0594

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 2.57.49 PM


For nature lovers and science enthusiasts, the Missouri Institute of Natural Science is gold mine of history, geology, archaeology and plenty more. Now in its 14th year , the Institute has more information than ever before. On site there is a massive cave that was discovered when the land was scheduled to be cleared to make way for a new road.  Since then, it’s become a treasure trove for scientists in the area. Visitors can get in on the action by hunting for fossils after a short hike on the grounds of the facility. Be sure to check out the museum as well. It houses thousands of animal specimens, plant fossils and minerals from the site. Coming soon to the museum is Henry the Triceratops.  Henry figures to be the largest Triceratops ever assembled when his remains are all put back together. He’ll be at the museum soon!

Cost: FREE!


Rutledge-Wilson Farm Community Park

3825 W Farm Rd 146

(417) 837-5949


This 207-acre farm park was designed to celebrate the area’s rich agricultural history and to provide hours of fun for all ages. It has a super-cool farm-themed playground for the kids, a paved trail for walks, an animal barn where you can meet some new furry friends and a milk barn where you can learn about the things farmers do everyday!

Cost: FREE!


Route 66 Car Museum

1634 West College

(417) 861-8004

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 3.00.36 PM


If you’re a lover of classic cars this is the place you need to be. It’s the private collection of Guy Mace, who started collecting cars in 1990 and has decided to share his impressive array of classics from the gold era, muscle era and even a few celebrity vehicles with the public. You’ll see a little bit of everything. The collection features seven Jaguars, two Rolls Royces, a 1963 Morgan owned by Norman Schwartkopf, and even a vintage Batmobile!

Cost: $15 adults, $13 seniors/veterans, $5 children 10 and under


The Air and Military Museum of the Ozarks

2305 East Kearney,  Springfield, Missouri 65803
(417) 864-7997


If you want to learn more about our armed forces and information on the soldiers who have fought for country from the Ozarks, the Air and Military Museum of the Ozarks is an excellent experience. It’s a sobering exhibit of bravery and valor that will also teach you a lot about the machinery and weapons used during World War II, Vietnam and other wars. It’s known as the best hands-on military museum in the state for a reason. Check out the GAT-1B Link flight simulator to see what flying was actually like for American pilots. Take a simulated helicopter flight in a Cobra AH1-S. Check out the Coast Guard Jeep that was called “the hero of WWII.” There’s so much to learn here and so much to appreciate.

Cost: Admission: Adults – $5.00, Children 6 – 11 $3.00, Children 5 and Under, Free


Springfield Botanical Gardens

2400 S Scenic
SpringfieldMO 65807



Nature lovers will enjoy this beautiful scenic attraction at Nathaneal Greene Park. There are so many great collections of unique plant life in the Botanical Gardens that you’d have to visit several times to fully enjoy all of them. While you’re there, you can also appreciate the beautiful lake and bridge at the park or check out the Japanese Stroll garden!

Cost: Free!

Railroad Historical Museum

1300 N Grant AveSpringfield, MO 65802-1722


Located in Grant Beach Park, it’s hard to miss the Railroad Historical Museum. You’ll no doubt notice the locomotive when you get close to the park. The Railroad Historical Museum has tons of features, but the real train is the biggest one. It’s got a St. Louis San-Francisco Locomotive No.4524, Burlington Baggage Car, Chicago and Northwestern Commuter Car and Burlington Northern Caboose on the premises. There are also tons of hands-on things for the kids to do and lots of information about the historical trains on site.

Cost: Free!


Lew’s Ozarks Fishing Museum

3031 N Martin AveInside Sportsman Factory OutletSpringfield, MO 65803


For fans of fishing, this one is a great place to take in some of the history of the sport and to see a fully restored 1975 Tracker boat! There are so many classic rods, reels and lures to see here.  Plus, you can always stock up for your next trip. Lew’s also sells all the fishing gear you’ll need to catch the big one!

Cost: Free!


409 W. McDaniel St., Springfield, MO

(417) 831-1976

photo courtesy of the Springfield Conventions and Visitors Bureau

photo courtesy of the Springfield Conventions and Visitors Bureau

Right across the street from Hollywood Theaters in Downtown Springfield is the Calaboose. A former jail, it now houses artifacts from its past occupants and officials that worked there. You can see all sorts of cool stuff like old badges, uniforms and even the cells where prisoners were held.

Cost: Free!


Zenith Climbing Center

3534 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, MO

(417) 986-3869



Get up and go get active! If you’re the adventurous and outdoorsy type, this is for you. We suggest hitting up Zenith Climbing Center, where a day pass for $15 gets you access to the climbing, yoga and workout facilities. This is beautifully designed new climbing center located off of east Sunshine.


Cost: $15 adult pass, $12 youth pass


Getaway Golf

3833 E Sunshine St. Springfield, MO 65809

(417) 881-4653

photo by Rachel Smith, courtesy of 417 Magazine

photo by Rachel Smith, courtesy of 417 Magazine

A brand new mini-golf course will be opening this summer on East Sunshine.  It’ll have two full 18-hole courses.  One will have a United States theme, the other will have a theme from around the globe.  Each hole has a different landmark unique to its theme.  The U.S side starts in St. Louis under the Arc.  On the other course, you’ll visit the Eiffel Tower, Stone Henge and plenty more! Sounds fun!

Cost: $12 per course

Wild Animal Safari

124 Jungle Dr., Strafford, MO

(417) 859-5300


Drive thru this park and feed hundreds of different kinds of animals! The kids will love seeing the giraffes, zebras and camels roaming around the park! You can get out of the car and experience the walk about too.  Don’t worry, the big animals don’t hang around here, just the smaller, friendlier animals! If you work up an appetite, grab some snacks at the Safari Cafe!

Cost: $19.95 adults, $16.95 children and seniors, under 3 free


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