The All Stars of Springfield Architecture

July 12, 2017
Our city is beautiful. It grows and changes every day. And while the rustic, Midwestern je ne sais quois of Springfield might be a consistent state of mind for some, the material landscape of our town is constantly shifting.
Many Springfieldians contribute to this ongoing transformation, but the minds that dream it up are really the beginning of the process. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the most outstanding architectural firms in city, what they have done to shape our city, and what they are working on going forward.

Dake Wells

134 Park Central Sq, Ste 300

Perhaps Dake Wells can be summed up best by Drury professor Saundra Weddle, PhD.:

“Critical localism” is not a style; a simple formula applied to architectural challenges. It is a method of design. It begins with a close examination of the natural and built sites as different kinds of historical records of the specific place, and results in a work of architecture that is rooted to its place in every way. Unique. Memorable.

One the latest projects from Dake-Wells is the new Missouri State Welcome Center. It’s a stunning feat of architecture with a breathtaking facade and one of the coolest Bears logos on campus.  Keep an eye out for this firm in the future. They’re doing some awesome things!

Butler, Rosenbury & Partners


Butler Rosenbury has been helping to shape our city (and beyond) since 1978, receiving multiple awards and accolades along the way. Their work spans many fields; including entertainment, business, hospitality, and many others. The firm has also worked on the Springfield Expo Center, the Springfield Brewing Company renovation, the Gillioz renovation and Historic City Hall.


Buxton Kubik Dodd sums up their outlook on the industry as follows:
“Our project portfolio attests that we constantly balance form, function, and financial resources to achieve the best results for our clients and their building projects.”
Buxton Kubik Dodd has a contemporary style that has really added some modern flair to the city. They’ve taken on projects for all kinds of clients and have given them beautiful spaces to conduct their business.


430 S Glenstone Ave


With a focus on adaptive reuse, modern learning environments, and award-winning design, Paragon brings all the stakeholders to the table for every project. The firm plans to create a modern community in eastern Springfield with a common area and contemporary homes in a gated community.  We’re looking forward to seeing what the new neighborhood will look like. We’re sure it will have the spark of creativity and ingenuity that Paragon’s other projects have shown in the past.

H Design Group

5039 S National Ave.


H Design may have caught your eye with Eko Park, the Fieldhouse Sports Center, or one of their many other contributions to the architectural beauty of Springfield and the surrounding region. Philosophically, H fosters partnerships rather than a clientele. They believe this means maintaining a focus on “dedication, commitment, communication, loyalty and a steadfast desire to envision together.”


Hufft does it all. From planning to building down to fabrication, the minds behind Farmers Park have left a distinct and indelible mark on the Springfield aesthetic. Hufft is based out of Kansas City, but has done several high level projects in Springfield, including some stunning residential projects. If you love modern minimal styles with a laser focus on detail, you’ll love the stuff Hufft puts together.


Specializing in architectural design, master planning, and construction administration, Arkifex has found its niche after forming in 2014. Arkifex helped the newest natural market in town bust onto the scene earlier this year. Ruby’s Market looks so good on the outside, you know the stuff they sell is going to be of a high quality as well. They’ve also helped Hudson Hawk achieve its aesthetic in Farmer’s Park.

Hood-Rich offers a variety of services, ranging from graphic design to interior design and, of course, architecture. You have seen their work throughout the city for years, and their work will continue to shape the city for years to come.

Sapp Design

3750 S Fremont Ave


  • Personnel: Michael Sapp, President, AIA, NCARB;  Jim Stufflebeam Vice-President, Senior Designer, AIA;
  • Well-known work: Central High School, Sherwood Elementary, The Library Center, Farmer’s Park Building 5

One of the largest firms in the city, Sapp Design has done some truly impressive work over the years, including more than 30 area school buildings. One of its most notable school projects recently was the design of Sherwood Elementary. It has an amazing design, dubbed a 21st century school, which uses very little energy and has a sleek, modern look.


Jack Ball Architects

444 S Campbell Ave


  • Personnel: Chris Ball, Firm President, Lead architect
  • Well-known work: Metropolitan Farmer, Big Whiskey’s, Leong’s, Five Pound Apparel

Bates Architects

433 W Walnut St

  • Personnel: Steven Warlick, Bo Hagerman, Todd Jacobs
  • Well-known work: Mercy Heart Hospital, Brentwood Center, Long Creek Lodge

Bates and Associates is the largest architecture firm in Springfield, employing 15 architects. They’ve been in business for more than 40 years and have made a name for themselves with their impeccable design and extreme professionalism.

Esterly Schneider 

1736 E Sunshine, Suite 417


  • Personnel: Craig A. Schneider, Melissa A. Higbie, Thomas Lundberg, Timothy Guillot
  • Well-known work: O’Reilly Auto Parts Stores, Andy’s Frozen Custard, Heer’s Car Park

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