Best Things To Do In SGF When It Snows

January 9, 2016

Did you enjoy the warm December temps we had here in the Ozarks?
Well, it looks like those days are over for a while.



Here are some of the best things to do in Springfield when it snows.



This is an awesome family activity on a snowy day! Pile the whole fam in the car and head out to one of the many great sledding spots that Springfield has to offer. There are plenty of hills perfect for sliding down: The hill right next to Carver Middle School, Lake Springfield, Jordan Valley Park, and the Pat Jones YMCA are popular spots around town to sled.

Ice Skating

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, ice skating at Mediacom Ice Park here in town is a fun snowy day activity for all ages. They have public skating times everyday, usually in the afternoons. If you’re not into ice skating and your family is, take them out anyway and sit by the side. Watching people try and ice skate can actually be equally as fun.


Try New Recipes


Snow flurries and low temps outside mean a warm kitchen inside! Maybe it’s time you tried that perfect hot cocoa recipe you pinned last month. Or that new brownie recipe you’ve been meaning to make. The possibilities are endless for new recipes. Get your family and friends involved! Make it a group effort. And when you’re done, share the joy–bake something for your neighbors who may be stuck inside too.


Play in the Snow


That’s right. It’s time to grab your kids or a group of friends and have that huge snowball fight you’ve been dreaming of all winter. Build an igloo and hang out for a while. Or even have a snowman building contest. Chase around your pets in the snow and build an igloo for them too.


Go to an Afternoon Movie

When it’s snowy outside, an indoor movie is the perfect place to be. Most movie theaters in SGF are open when it’s snowy outside because they also know it’s the place to be when it snows. They may also have some good deals and discounts for snacks on days like these. Hop in the car to see a feel good movie with your family, or gather some friends up to see a good comedy. Or better yet, have a netflix marathon at your own abode without having to get out on the streets. Hit up the IMAX at Springfield 11, Hollywood Theaters, Campbell 16 Cinema, the Moxie for your independent movies or the Palace for showtimes.


Deep Clean the House (Sorry)


Been meaning to dust the shelves but you’ve been too busy? Wanting to do a bunch of organizing but there hasn’t been enough time? Focusing on the inside of your home is also a great snow day project. Going through closets, shelves and storage rooms can be a good thing. Maybe you’ll find enough to do a garage sale with in the spring. And be sure to check out our recent blog post about how to get your home prepared for the winter.


Help a Neighbor Shovel Snow

Shoveling is flat out boring and tedious. But shoveling with friends or for someone else–now that’s something we can get behind. Grab a couple neighbors and shovel each other’s driveways together. Or go ahead and shovel your neighbor’s driveway. Your good deed can go a long way and make the snow day more meaningful for someone.


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