10 Unbelievably Good Burgers in SGF

April 13, 2018

It’s burger time!

Burgers very well might be the perfect food. Meat with an edible handle! We might overlook how ingenious this is sometimes. We’re lucky to have a plurality of fantastic places to get a good burger in the Queen City. It was really tough to narrow down this list, but we tried! Here are 10 of our favorite burgers right now in SGF!


Grad School

Full ride


This burger makes every list for top burgers in town. Grad School hands out more Full Rides than MSU, OTC and Evangel combined (j/k). It’s two patties with bacon, lettuce and tomato, topped with cheddar and caramelized onions. It’s not about flashiness, it’s about perfecting the art of burger making. The burger scholars at Grad School have done it with the Full Ride.



Galloway Station

Farmhouse Burger


A southside favorite, Galloway Station has lots of great choices for burgers. One of our favorites has to be the Farmhouse burger. It’s BBQ Pulled pork, a fried egg and cheddar delivered on a pretzel bun & a fried pickle on top. So many flavors to experience in one sandwich!



Flame Steakhouse And Wine Bar

Baby Burgers

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 4.37.10 PM

Who says burgers can’t be an appetizer? Flame has been rewriting the rules for food in Springfield for a long time and these baby burgers are a great example of their culinary prowess. You get two little steakburgers with truffle mayo, caramelized onions and herb garlic cream. Plus, it comes with some tasty smoked fries. It’s like a meal before the meal!


Metropolitan Grill


If the Metro Grill is good enough for Yadier Molina, it’s probably good enough for you too! Molina famously visited Metro on a rehab stint with the Springfield Cardinals. He now has a dish named after him there. But we’re here to talk about burgers, folks. So let’s talk about the Shelby. It’s a seared half pound burger topped with Provel and shaved New York strip, then tossed with balsamic glaze and caramelized onions. It’s also served on a bed of smoked gouda with bacon russet skins. If you’re looking for a little more try adding truffle fried eggs!


Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant & Bar

BBQ Burger



Big Whiskey’s has lots of burgers, so it’s tough to focus on just one, so we’ll just go with the biggest one they have! The BBQ Burger is piled high with crisp bacon, golden onion rings and smothered with honey whiskey BBQ sauce. You’d better come hungry if you’re getting this one!


Bair’s Sports Grill

Bubba Burger

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 4.37.36 PM

Bair’s burger empire has taken the Ozarks by storm. If they’ve got one thing, it’s plenty of choices! They have dozens of burgers on the menu for any appetite. This time, we’re going with the Bubba. It’s two 8 oz. burger patties topped with BBQ sauce, four slices of bacon, onion tanglers, two slices of American cheese and two of Swiss. Skip breakfast.


The Lindburger

Photo by Vivian Wheeler | Courtesy of 417 Magazine

Photo by Vivian Wheeler | Courtesy of 417 Magazine

Lindberg’s is the oldest tavern in Springfield. It started in 1978 as a bar called Lindberg’s, but it’s history goes way further back to the 1800s. Check out the full story on their website! The Lindburger is a double patty sandwich with beef seared in duck fat, creamy Provel cheese and optional homemade mayo and homemade Table Rock tomato ketchup.


Taylor’s Drive In 

Triple Cheeseburger


1978 was a good year for classic restaurants in Springfield. Like Lindberg’s, Taylor’s has been around for a long time, but it’s been operating under it’s current name since ’78. They’re only open for lunch, so be sure to get downtown during midday if you wanna try these. The triple cheeseburger is a throwback with steak patties, cheese and bun. Nothing fancy. Just delicious.


Black Sheep Burgers & Shakes

The Cowboy Carl


If you haven’t had a Black Sheep burger by now, you must be a vegetarian (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Our favorite right now is the Cowboy Carl. Aside from it having an awesome name, it’s also a fantastic burger. It’s got a 4oz all-natural patty, slow-cooked smoked brisket, sharp white cheddar, candied bacon, spicy fried onions with a big ole pickle and it’s drizzled in tasty BBQ sauce. Yeehaw people. Yeehaw.


Civil Kitchen

The Civil Burger

Photo courtesy of 417 Magazine | Photo by Brandon Alms

Photo courtesy of 417 Magazine | Photo by Brandon Alms

Located right on the square in downtown Springfield, Civil Kitchen is a great spot for finely crafted meals when you’re out on the town. The folks at Civil liked this burger so much, they named it after the restaurant. That’s gotta be a good sign. It’s two patties with american cheese, pickles onions and mouthwatering Civil sauce to finish it off. So good!






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