The Most Gut-Busting Food Challenges in the Ozarks

May 7, 2018

Pretty much everyone loves food. We need it for sustenance to survive, so why not enjoy it, right? Well, some people take it to the next level. They turn eating into a sport. You could argue that after every meal you’re a winner, but these eating challenges have some pretty straightforward rules about how to win at eating. So, let’s take a look at the best ways to channel your inner Uncle Buck and munch yourself into the records books here in the Ozarks!

The Dublin Dare Burger Challenge

Dublin’s Pass – Springfield, MO


It’s Four Burger Patties topped with Corned Beef, Rashers, Bangers, American, Swiss & Guinness Cheese and Onion Rings served with a pound of Fries, a Quart of Beer and a Dublin Drop Shot! Must be finished in 30 minutes or less!

Bair’s 6lb Mac Daddy Burger Challenge

Bair’s Sports Grill – Springfield, Nixa, Republic

At just under five pounds, this big guy is loaded with four one-pound burger patties covered in 16 slices of bacon and 16 slices of American cheese on our custom bun. Served with over a pound of fries. Man up to the Mac Daddy Challenge.

40/40 Slider Challenge

Sliders’ Hamburgers – Downtown Springfield


Love burgers? Love ’em enough to eat 5.5 lbs in the form of 40 adorable little burgers in less than 40 minutes? If you can, you just got a very tasty meal for free! You’ll also earn yourself a spot on the Slider’s Wall of Fame. The fellow in the picture above goes by the handle “Da Garbage Disposal,” and he finished the challenge in just 12 minutes! Pretty impressive!

Taco Eating

Tortilleria Perches – Springfield


There aren’t many things better in life than a good old fashioned Taco Tuesday, and one of the best places in town to go is obviously Tortilleria Perches. If you’re really hungry, you can take a stab at the Taco Challenge. Each taco is just $1, so this one is pretty easy. If you can set the record for most tacos eaten on Taco Tuesday here, Perches will give you a gift certificate in the amount of the tacos you ate for the next time you come in and they’ll give you a pitcher of your favorite beer or a dessert of your choice, but you’ve gotta beat the record, which currently stands at 32.

Giant Donut Challenge

Hurts Donuts – Downtown Springfield, plus tons of other locations

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 3.19.37 PM

It’s the big mouth challenge! If you can eat it in 90 seconds you win a hurts donut T shirt and your big mouth donut is free (it’s $20 otherwise). You can do it by yourself ORRR if you can get at least 10 people to sign up and do it at the same time there’s a guaranteed non-timed winner! Fastest person wins!

The Dogzilla Challenge (Huge Hot Dog)

Double E Burger & Ice Cream Shoppe – Highlandville, Missouri 


If you live in Springfield, this one requires a bit of a drive, but if you’re a food challenge champ, it’s a small price to pay. Double E in Highlandville has a monster hot dog challenge. If you can finish it in the time provided, it’s free. Many have tried, few have succeeded. Double E also has a pretty hefty burger challenge too! We wouldn’t recommend trying them both in the same day, though.

The Big Larry Burger Challenge

Larry’s on the Lake – Camdenton


Five pounds of Big Larry Burger and all the fixings with fries and onion rings. Eat it all in 30 minutes or less and get your name on the Big Larry challenge board and it’s also free!!! Beat the current Larry Burger challenge record and win $300.00. You only have to do it in less than 16 minutes. No big deal. 

Redneck Challenge

T’s Redneck Steakhouse – Lebanon

If you’re really, really hungry and you’re in Lebanon, you might check out the Redneck Challenge at T’s Redneck Steakhouse. Here’s what you have to eat in less than an hour:

  • 5 Pound Smoked Pork Chop
  • 1  Potato
  • 1 Salad
  • 1 Roll

Eat it all and you win! Second Place is paying $49.99 for trying! Call ahead and give at least 24 hours notice. They don’t have 5 pound smoked pork chops just lying around.

Winkinator Challenge

Mary Jane’s – Warrensburg


Now, this is the way to start your day off right. A breakfast eating challenge that might even give Ron Swanson a run for his money. All you have to do is scarf down a 17″ pancake, a dozen eggs, a dozen slices of bacon, eight pieces of sausage and two cups of chocolate milk. Simple. According to their Facebook page, someone did it in 8 minutes once. Holy cow! It’s $19.99 if you don’t finish and free if you do. Plus, you get a free t-shirt and your photo goes up in Mary Jane’s Hall of Fame!

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