Coming to Springfield in 2017

January 5, 2017

It’s a new year and there are plenty of new things to look forward to in Springfield this year.  The Queen City was recently named one of the 5 best places for startup growth in the country.  People are starting to take notice of our business community and there are a few really exciting announcements that have been made already. There’s also some great entertainment coming to town this year, too!

Here’s a list of just a few of the new businesses and events in the city this year.


Alamo Draft House

ETA: Spring 2017


By now, you’ve probably heard about this one.  The Austin-based Alamo Draft House franchise is coming to Springfield in the location that used to house the venerable Campbell 16 Cine. This one will be the largest in the nation for Alamo Draft House.  What separates this theater from others is its embrace of movie culture.  It doesn’t shows ads before films, but rather makes custom pre-shows usually covering the film being shown.  There’s also a more comprehensive snack and drink offering than at others traditional theaters.  Alamo Draft House serves drinks and dinner before or during the film and boasts some creative, tasty dishes on its site.  You’ll have to keep your phone in your pocket, though.  Alamo has a pretty strict policy on taking out your mobile device during films.



The Beach Boys & the Temptations at JQH

ETA: April 21, 2017, Friday, 7:30 p.m.


Two legendary groups will grace the stage Juanita K. in April.  Between the two groups, there are dozens of number one singles and tens of millions of albums sold.  Both groups have been making hits for better than 50 years.  It’s a real treat to have a double feature like this in Springfield!



Florida-Georgia Line

ETA: Saturday, Apr. 22, 2017 – 7:00 PM


The night after the Beach Boys and Temptations, modern country-rock band Florida-Georgia Line will take JQH Arena by storm! What a great weekend of shows! As part of the Dig Your Roots tour, FGL will be playing hits from its newest album.  Their blend of country, rock, hip hop and pop is sure to wow the people in attendance!


Orange Theory Fitness

ETA: February or March

Orange Theory Fitness is coming to town, as first reported by 417 Magazine back in November.  Orange Theory is a 60-minute workout regime that is designed to speed up one’s metabolism and continue burning calories even after the workout is finished.  Up to 36 hours after! It’s a fitness trend similar to Cross Fit in that it involves a lot of intervals of different exercises.  The owners are already thinking about a second location to supplement the planned Brentwood Center location.



ETA: March

Photo by Andrew Jensen, News-Leader

Photo by Andrew Jensen, News-Leader

Ophelia’s isn’t necessarily new to the area.  It’s been open in Springfield twice before.  According to Greg Holman of the Springfield News-Leader, Opheila’s will get a third crack at lasting success, this time on Commercial Street.  Don’t get the wrong idea, though.  Ophelia’s wasn’t a failed restaurant. According to Holman’s report, the owner chalks up the two past closings to extenuating circumstances.  This version will feature a French-Italian menu with plenty of fine adult beverages available from that region as well.


Scooter’s Coffee

ETA: Fall


Greg Holman also recently reported that a string of coffee drive-thrus would be arriving in Springfield and Nixa as well.  Scooter’s is best known for its speedy service.  They have a robust menu of coffees, teas and smoothies and can get ’em to you lickity split.



Lucky’s Market



After much speculation about Trader Joe’s and Fresh Market coming to town, one new health food chain will be coming, but it’s not one people are as familiar with.  Lucky’s Market is an organic fresh market grocer that will be located on South Glenstone.  They’ll have some work to do to compete with local powerhouse, MaMa Jean’s Market.


Burlington Coat Factory, Petco and Ross Clothing

ETA: Summer, Early Fall


According to KY3, the Springfield Plaza is under construction currently and will feature a Burlington Coat Factory, Petco and Ross Clothing. The plaza will be near the Walmart on West Bypass and Sunshine on the west side of town.


St. Louis Cardinals Exhibition Game

ETA: Friday, March 31 at 5:05pm

20 (Springfield Cardinals at Hammons Field)

That’s right. The big Birds are coming to Springfield! This March, our Springfield Cardinals will go head-to-head with the major league club.  We’ll have some major league stars playing at Hammons Field again this March!


These are just a few exciting things going on in 2017. There’s still plenty more to come this year and we’re looking forward to seeing it unfold!

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