37 Interior Design Tips from Top Designers in Springfield

May 30, 2018

A new home is like a blank canvas, allowing you to create your own personal work of art that you also get to live in! Many folks love the process of picking out new pieces for their homes, scouring flea markets and furniture stores to locate the perfect decor. Others are not quite sure where to start when designing the interior of their home. Whichever category you fall in to, we’ve got some tips from some of the best interior designers in town to help you get what you’re looking for.


Sharon is based in Springfield and has worked on interior design projects for STAXXJellybeans, Boca Mocha, The Dress, and many more. She has won several 417 Best of Design awards and has been nationally published in Better Homes and Gardens. Today she is giving us a few tips on the best places in Springfield to shop for home decor and what’s trending right now!

Tip #1

Granite counter tops started fading out a few years ago. They’re being replaced by marbles.


Brass, specifically matte brass, is starting to replace a lot of nickel finishes with hardware, lighting, decor.

Tip #3

Always have comfortable Chairs. And, lots of them. Bunny Williams said everyone should have at least two sets of dining room chairs at the ready, in case you want to throw a party.


Mirrors are a great way to make rooms look bigger.


I recommend Urban Market and Thrift Haven as places to find great antiques. They are my daily go-to’s.


Ask yourself if you know what you want and what your expectations are for a redesign process. To me, it’s about hiring the right people to help see it through. I have plenty of experience in design, and coaching through the redesign/renovation process. Call me for coffee and we can found out if we match up!


For the smaller redesigns buy what you want! It’ll make your space an instant happy place.



Ellecor‘s lead designer and founder Haden Long has done dozens of interior design projects in Southwest Missouri. Her style blends into the space where it’s displayed. She has a deft hand for detail, which is evident in all of her work and she has a laser focused eye for current ideas that will have a lasting elegance that won’t need to be updated every few years.  Her Farmer’s Park store is one of the better known decor and interior design stores in town and would make a great stop on your next DIY project hunt. We asked Haden to share some her ideas on interior design with us and to offer a few tops for those who are doing it themselves!


Always think about use of space above all else. Organization, clever storage and ways to incorporate the new technology into homes now is very important.


Open shelving concepts in kitchens and office spaces are in right now. They’re often created out of sleek clean line wood or raw materials. These designs make the homeowner be more organized too so you get that beautiful, clean look and it makes you be a little more organized yourself too.


You can find fun little items from antique malls, like Relics or Schofield and Gray events are cool too. And Ellecor Design & Gifts has good stuff too :).


Walnut floors go with anything!


The biggest faux pas in interior design is over doing it- we live in our homes so keep it simple, comfortable and livable.


One thing that can always make a room better is a great rug. It adds character, color and texture.


I don’t care what anyone says, natural wood is good. Everyone wants everything painted right now and there is still beautiful wood out there.


Tip #16

Create big impact with large format abstract art you paint yourself.

Tip #17

Create a gallery wall with vintage and paint by number landscapes.

Tip #18

Repaint an old dresser in a fun color or white and add new modern knobs for a show stopping piece for an entryway.

Tip #19

Reupholster a vintage piano bench in your favorite fabric and set it at the foot of your bed. (Put organization boxes under the lid for jewelry storage!)

Tip #20

Add open shelving to your kitchen or dining room to showcase pretty dishes. (Function and art for the walls!)


One thing I love about Springfield is the thrift and antiques stores. In bigger cities these type of shops get picked over so quickly and the prices are so much higher than here. Some of my favorites are: Finder’s Keepers, Mike’s Thrift Shop, Relics Antique Mall, The Green Gallery and The Urban Market.


Add color to your home with a punchy color for a front door and rich colors used to paint built in shelving.

Tip #23

Coffee tables made from different materials like agate, stone, bone, mother of pearl, marble and lucite are trending.


I’m not an organized person by nature, so I need systems to keep me in line. I like to use display cases (large and small) and open shelving to display things that are pretty like my jewelry, perfumes, dishes, albums, even bathroom stuff like cotton balls and wash cloths. That way I will have easy access, functionality and it looks nice.



Wallpaper is back! It is back!  Wallpaper is popping up in bold colors and patterns in accent areas of the home, entry ways, bathrooms, dining rooms and more.  Most of the patterns and colors are a different take from the patterns that were so popular in the 90’s, so if you have some old wallpaper it may need a little updating.  Any area you want to really make a statement; wallpaper is a perfect option.


Wicker is making a big comeback. It’s fun to keep your eyes out for vintage pieces that pop up frequently with this trend.  You can have fun finding new and old pieces with the wicker trend.

Tip #27

Sometimes an empty room is the hardest to design since the options are endless.  With empty rooms I work off natural light and the architecture of the space.  There are multiply ways to layout any room, but there is usually one way that will optimize the traffic flow and best use of the space.  Most rooms need one point of visual interest that the furniture will be centered around.   Taking time to decide what the focal point of the space will be before hand will give you a more well designed room in the end.


Shop when you travel! Some of my favorite unique items I’ve picked up while traveling.  Not only do those items have good memories and fun stories attached to them, but they are unique items not everyone will have.



When designing small spaces, start with something you really love, whether it’s a rug or picture and build off of that.  It’s a layering process.


Neutral upholstery is a current trend for small spaces.  You can add color in later to compliment it.


Use anything cowhide-covered. A Cow-hide covered rug is always a good choice.


Read anything by Kelly Wearstler.  She’s a designer in California.  She does a lot of hotel interiors and large-scale projects.



Fun pillows, white accessories, metallic accessories are all good ways to design for summer.


Candles are a simple way to make significant change to a room.


Be realistic about what you want and what you can afford during a redesign.  What are the most important things?  There’s always going to be hidden things behind walls and unexpected opportunities.  Be open and understanding.


I like colors that lend themselves to warmth.  Alabaster white paired with any color that has warmth to it is a good combination.


As a designer one of the things I really shy away from is ‘trends’ because you pigeon-hole yourself.




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