The Skinny on the MO Food Truck Fest

September 15, 2016

On Saturday, September 17th, food trucks will take over Springfield.

The 2nd annual Mo Food Truck Festival takes places in the large parking lot right next to the Expo Center on St. Louis Street. Last year, more than 8,000 people went to the inaugural food truck festival in Springfield!

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If you love trying new food and pigging out on some of your old favorites, this is the festival for you! There are 26 different food trucks scheduled to appear from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday with everything from gourmet hot dogs to gourmet coffee and wood-fired pizza to authentic English pasties.  The foodies of Springfield will be out in full force.  Don’t miss it!

We’ll get to the food trucks in a minute, but there’s also going to be live music all day.  Barak Hill, Steve Ames, Jonathan Joseph, Better than Nothin’ and Hey Jealousy will all be gracing the stage throughout your grazing experience.


Now, let’s take a closer look at a few of the stars of the show:

The Wheelhouse

Obviously, the Wheelhouse will be there.  One of the most popular food trucks in the Springfield area, the Wheelhouse dishes up some amazing thai-mexican fusion food, and plenty of other global cuisine mashups as well.  Let’s hope they don’t go on vacation again any time soon!  Who told you guys it was ok to close for vacation? (just kidding, Wheelhouse [but seriously, please don’t leave again]).

The Wheelhouse has a few dishes you have to try, including the drunken noodles and all of the tacos, but if you have to choose just one dish, we’re recommending the garlic lo mein.  It will most likely change your life forever.

Not’cho’s Ordinary Taco


This taco truck is a Bolivar-based power house of tortilla slinging.  Don’t worry though, you won’t have to make the drive every time you want a hand-crafted taco from these folks.  They’re often in Springfield, Joplin and other areas.  It’s great to be mobile!

Our recommendation here is simple.  Get the Cordon Bleu taco. It’s like chicken cordon bleu, only it’s in a taco! Brilliant.  You can also mix and match almost anything on the menu with the Yo Taco!


London Calling Pasty Company

This is one of the most unique food trucks that Springfield has to offer. London Calling serves authentic British cuisine, primarily pasties (a handheld flaky crust stuffed with meat, potatoes and veggies), as well as other favorite British dishes and a vast array of desserts. They are largely associated with the seating they provide for their customers– a double decker bus. You can sit on any level of the bus to eat, enjoy outdoor seating, and even take your photo with an original English phone booth they have next to the truck.



Speedy’s Cowabunga

With recognizable bright colors and island themed decor on their food truck, Speedy’s Cowabunga serves up authentic Hawaiian Food to the Springfield area. They mainly reside by the Missouri State campus and are open throughout the day and into the late hours, sometimes until 2am. All of their food is made fresh and Speedy’s always has different specials going on, like Mahi Mahi tacos, Pulled Pork Nachos, or Honey Biscuit Pulled Pork Sandwiches.


Great American Taco Company

You know that really awesome taco place on east Battlefield? Yeah, these are the same people.  They’ll be going mobile for the Food Truck Festival, serving up their gourmet-style tacos all day on Saturday.  The menu is chocked full of unique combinations.  One of our favorites is the Jamaican Jerk Chicken taco.  It’s a citrus-y, chicken-y blend of island flavors and traditional Mexican presentation.



The Paddy Wagon

The Paddy Wagon certainly looks like a vehicle used to nab a large group of criminals, but don’t worry, the only thing these folks want to arrest is your taste buds.  The cuisine here mimics the 1950s diners on Route 66 from a bygone era.

Easterly’s Chuck Wagon

It actually is a chuck wagon. A real 1800s-style chuck wagon. These folks are based in north Springfield and serve up some good old fashioned American cooking.  That means pulled pork, ribs, turkey legs, and all the fixins.  It’s a throwback style with a definitive Ozarkian influence.

Spork Express


The Spork Express dishes out cafe-style eats from it’s Hollister-based food truck.  The sliders look amazing and come in several different varieties. They do more than just savory.  Spork Express does fresh brewed coffee, chocolate crinkle cookies, and tons more too!


Skinnier’s BBQ

Skinnier’s Barbecue is barbecue smokin’ machine.  Previously, the 17-year veteran owners would cook out of a trailer hitched to an old Ford truck, but now they’ve got a sweet new yellow food truck with a soda machine built into the side.  This would be a great place to stop for some burnt ends, ribs or one of their well-branded sandwiches.

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