15 Times Hurts Donut Was the Funniest Facebook Page in Springfield

November 8, 2017

Hurt’s Donut is one of Springfield’s favorite places to get something sweet. It’s also one of the largest Facebook pages in town, and for good reason. The page is often hilarious. The people at Hurt’s have a good time sharing their own memes, videos and photos of their delicious donuts.  Hurt’s Facebook page has to be included in the conversation about the funniest pages in town. Here are 15 times they proved they donut finish second to anyone.

Kevin the Christmas Pumpkin

People start celebrating Christmas was too early. Take out your frustrations on Kevin. He can take it.

Toughness in one photo

These ladies look like they could certainly put the hurt on someone.


The Scary Clown

Hurt’s scary clown delivery really caught people’s attention this year. Their videos have been seen more than 1 million times! They’re pretty funny, unless you’re deathly frightened of clowns. Then, they’re absolutely hilarious.  Unless you’re the one getting them.


With or without you

Donuts are great to share, but they’re better if you eat a whole bunch of them by yourself.


Donuts are healthy…by comparison

It’s tough to argue with this logic.


Mom Probz

Being a parent is hard. Kids are so much smaller and weaker than we are, so it’s really easy to take their donuts.

Glamour Shots and Donuts


Hurt’s did this for a stretch earlier this year. They asked their fans to send in their old Glamour Shots and photoshopped their donuts into the photos. Hilarity ensued.


Donut University

You should always put your studies first. Unless there are some tasty donuts nearby.


Donut Love is Forever

Gosh, these people really love donuts.


All you need is donut

We chuckle every time we read this one.


Breakfast in Bed

Let’s focus on what’s really important.

Subtraction by Addition

This is the best way to get rid of donuts.


Your Secret is Safe at Hurts

Hurt’s won’t tell your significant other that you have come in everyday for a month without them.


Valentine’s Day Special Delivery

These Valentine’s Day deliveries are so funny. We know firsthand how funny they are because we got one for our IT director this year. He loved it even if it didn’t show in his reaction.


Follow your dreams

It’s important to have goals. Hurt’s will help you achieve those goals (if they involve eating donuts).

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