The Most Instagram-Worthy Backdrops in SGF

December 7, 2018

When you’re feelin’ proud to be from the Queen City, sometimes you just wanna share those warm and fuzzies with your followers on IG or Facebook. We understand. How could you not love this place?! There are so many options to show some local pride, but some of them are essentials to have on your accounts. Let’s take a look at the 10 most IG-worthy backdrops in the city!

The Springfield Mural

Local artist Andrea Ehrhardt is quickly becoming a legend in the Springfield art scene. She has created several of the spots on this list and tons more on canvases of many different varieties. This mural at the Discovery Center in Downtown Springifeld was created in partnership with 417 Magazine to encapsulate life in the city. Citizens of 417 Land were asked to help fill in the letters with things that make Springfield home. Soon, each letter will feature a different visual from the feedback. We can’t wait to see how Ehrhardt finishes this new icon in town!


The Butterfly Wings


If you’ve been Downtown at all in the past few years, you’ve no doubt seen people on Walnut and South taking selfies at the Butterfly Wings. Another of Ehrhardt’s creations, the Wings are one of the spots nearly every visitor to the city has on their photo bucket list.

The Do Good Sign

This spot on Historic C Street is an awesome message reminding us to live our best lives and help others along the way. Even the sagacious tandem of Wrigley and Theo have made an appearance here encouraging their followers to be the reason someone smiles. It’s a simple message, but a powerful one.

The Hello Dave Sign

The Alamo Drafthouse in Springfield has a 2001: A Space Odyssey theme. For fans of the film, HAL3000 is an iconic part of one of cinema’s greatest films. Between the two entrances to the theaters, the folks at Alamo put up a sign to tip their caps to HAL. Hopefully, the pod bay doors get opened this time!



Inside the Tumbler


One of Springfield’s most photographed statues has to be the Tumbler. Every solstice, the Tumbler gets ‘tumbled’ into a new shape, making it a great spot for repeat selfies, too. It’s got a great spot on Park Central Square too, so you can enjoy all that Downtown has to offer before or after your pics.


The Bear in Bass Pro





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He was saying, “Oh no! A bear! Help!” A post shared by Musey (@museywat) on

Let’s get back to the classics for a second here. Before social media was even a twinkle in Zuckerberg’s eye back on his home planet, the stuffed bear in Bass Pro was a prime spot for a photo. Before cameras were on phones folks were stopping by for a pic with this bear. It’s a Springfield classic.


 The World’s Largest Fork


Though several other pretender forks claim the title, the giant fork at Noble & Associates is the largest fork in the world. Roadside enthusiasts from all over the world come to Springfield to snap a shot of the behemoth utensil. Some of the clever ones even pretend to be impaled by the enormous prongs. Good stuff right here.


Hotel Vandivort Bathroom




Next to Clif Smart




For the students of Missouri State, spotting Clif Smart on campus is like seeing the Northern Lights. They absolutely love their president and even more, they love getting selfies with him. Smart is known to make time for student selfies every  chance he gets and he’d probably be happy to take one with you too!



Seminole Decor’s Mural





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More from Ehrhardt here. The Seminole Decor mural is another hotspot for fun pics with friends in Springfield. The colorful mural makes for a vibrant post and has plenty of opportunities for creativity. It’s gaining steam as one of the most popular spots in town for group photos.


I Love My Town Mural





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We’ll be spending this lovely Saturday evening on Commercial Street (@historicCstreet ) – one of #springfieldmo ‘s most up and coming neighborhoods. With White River Brewing and Askinosie Chocolate flanking either end, you can spend a perfect evening strolling, chowing down, or picking up some tea or bread for Sunday brunch. . My favorite spot is Cafe Cusco ( @cafecusco ), taking up an adorable tropical corner with outdoor seating for you and your doggos! The mosaic sidewalks and colorful murals aren’t to be missed, but the main event here is the Peruvian food. Their house ceviche makes a perfect appetizer, but if you like bright citrus, unique flavors, expertly cooked seafood, or the most deliciously seasoned meat, you’ll be golden here. They even have a lot of options for vegetarians! Top it off with a sangria and watch the crowds pass by as the restaurant’s gauzy curtains wave in the breeze and the music and flavors transport you out of Springfield. Swipe to check it out! – @allison___hall #lovespringfield #weekendtakover   A post shared by LoveSpringfield (@lovespringfield) on

Of course you love your town. This spot on Historic C Street is a great place to show it. Plus, you can pop inside the awesome Cafe Cusco and try some authentic Peruvian cuisine while you’re at it!


The Systematic Savings Bank Murals




Two of the newest murals by Andrea Ehrhardt in town. Systematic Savings Bank has two really fun and clever spots for photos. One will make you look like a thousand bucks and one will make you look like a rebel. Take your pic(k)! 

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