InhabitSGF: A Guide To Coffee in Springfield

September 20, 2017

Springfield, for the size that it is, has an amazing coffee culture. You can find a good cup of joe in just about any part of the city and each shop brings its’ own style to the table. Whether you drink straight espresso or flavored lattes, you’ll be sure to find hospitality, a good experience and great coffee at these places around town.


Brick & Mortar | 1666 E. St. Louis St


With just a year under their belt, Brick & Mortar is already doing great things in the coffee community of Springfield. From the shop’s unique design and atmosphere to their roasting process, everything is centered around moving people toward a greater coffee craftsmanship.

Brick & Mortar is known for educating the public on coffee and the staff is always willing to share their knowledge to help you get the drink you want. They feature events like free public cuppings, training sessions, and latte art throwdowns. They also aim to be sustainable, so anyone that walks or bikes to the shop receives 10% off of their drink order.


Things you’ve got to try:

  • Askinosie Macchiato
  • Cappuccino
  • Slow Bar Pour Overs


The Coffee Ethic | 124 Park Central Square

Right in the heart of Downtown Springfield is the Coffee Ethic. They have been serving fine craft beverages since 2007 and are dedicated to the art and science of brewing. They offer single origin and direct trade coffee drinks as well as an array of pastries made in-house. The Coffee Ethic was named the best coffee shop in Missouri in 2014 by Business Insider. They frequently feature art by local artists on their walls and pay close attention to creating a good atmosphere for their customers. You can find their coffee served at many local spots, including the new Hotel Vandivort downtown.


Things you’ve gotta try:

  • Mocha (Made with Askinosie Chocolate)
  • In-House Pastry
  • Craft Beer on Tap


Mudhouse | 323 South Ave

The Mudhouse is definitely a Springfield staple and is a place most would consider to be the original crafty coffeehouse of our city. They roast all of the beans used in their coffee drinks themselves, support the organic coffee movement as well as fair trade purchasing. Mudhouse has a wide variety of products for every kind of coffee drinker. They feature pour over brewing, a vast array of espresso drinks, frozen coffee drinks, assorted teas and even smoothies. You can find Mudhouse coffee at several other local spots including Tea Bar & Bites, Nonna’s Italian Cafe, Scotch & Soda, and Pappo’s Pizza.


Things you’ve got to try:

  • Mudturtle
  • Lavender Iced (or Hot) Coffee
  • Roasted Red Pepper & Gouda Soup




Kingdom Coffee & Cycles | 211 S. Market Ave

Take a strong passion for biking, combine it with good coffee and you’ve got Kingdom Coffee & Cycles. They believe that the same effort and amount of time that goes into building a bike should also go into each cup of coffee they brew. Most every week you can find them featuring a new coffee on bar from companies like Intelligentsia, Crema, and Populace. They have a full service bike shop attached where you can choose from a variety of bikes to buy or even come and get your bike repaired.


Things you’ve got to try:

  • Cappuccino
  • Chai Latte
  • Cortado


Classic Rock Coffee Co | 1900 W. Sunset St

Classic Rock is an alternative to the coffee house prototype, featuring a rock ‘n’ roll theme and a cool ambiance. This business is passionate about all aspects of the coffee process and vow to serve the best quality to their customers. Classic also has a venue attached to the shop where various rock, country, bluegrass, comedy and local artists can perform.


Things you’ve got to try:

  • House Roast
  • Raspberry Beret Latte
  • War Pig Sandwich Breakfast Sandwich


Hebrews Coffee | 1604 E. Republic Rd


Hebrews is one of the main local coffee shops located on the south side of Springfield. They have been in business since 2008 and have an expansive menu that includes coffees, teas, sandwiches, salads & breakfast items. They serve Madcap and PT’s coffee and make their own flavored syrups in-house. They also feature a large meeting room for your group or business to gather and simultaneously enjoy a good cappuccino.


Things you’ve got to try:

  • Vanilla Latte (Hebrews’ most popular drink)
  • Cappuccino
  • Breakfast Omelette


Eurasia Coffee & Tea | 445 E. Commercial St

Eurasia’s primary mission is to serve coffee with a purpose. Any purchase you make–whether that be a cup of coffee, a mug, or a t-shirt– benefits a cause somewhere else. Eurasia gives back 10% of their sales to organizations that help eliminate human trafficking, poverty, illiteracy, and much more. They have wholesale partnerships available if your business or group would like to become a part of their mission. Eurasia is located on Commercial street and is part of the Culture C-Street collective that aims to get involved with the community by reaching out to those less fortunate.


Things you’ve got to try:

  • Flavored Iced Latte
  • Fresh Lime Soda
  • Casablanca Carrot Salad



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