#InhabitSGF – A Guide to Pizza

October 4, 2017

Whether you like super thin crust or deep dish Chicago style pizza, Springfield serves up just about any kind. Everyone has their own idea of what their pizza should taste like and in any corner of the city, you can find a pizza place with it’s own niche. Here are a few spots around Springfield and the surrounding areas to grab some good pizza.


  • Garbo’s
  • Pappos
  • BYOPizza
  • McSalty’s
  • Jax and Gabe’s
  • Imo’s 
  • Big Slice
  • Arris



Garbo’s | 2101 W Chesterfield Blvd, Ste C101

(417) 883-9010

Established in 1990, Garbo’s is a famous family owned and operated pizza spot in SW Springfield. They feature St. Louis style pizza and pride themselves on their fresh meat and veggies. Their crust is made on “The Hill” in St. Louis, famous for being the home to several authentic Italian eateries. Garbo’s salads are topped with their delicious secret recipe oil and vinegar dressing which sets their taste apart from any other in SGF. They recently added calzones, pasta and appetizers to their menu and are located in the Chesterfield Village area.


You have to try:

  • “The Garbo’s” Baked Sub
  • Grandiose Specialty Pizza
  • House Salad


Imo’s Pizza | 600 S Pickwick Ave

(417) 862-1222

Imo’s serves their famous St. Louis style pizza with a thin crust, fresh (never frozen) ingredients, and Provel cheese. Most anyone from the St. Louis area will defend that Imo’s is the best pizza they’ve ever had. Some of Imo’s most unique ingredients are the pepperoncini, a slightly sweet and small tuscan pepper and the Salsicca, one of Imo’s specialty sandwiches topped with sausage patties, cheese, pickles, pepperoncini and Imo’s homemade meat sauce. With over 90 locations in Missouri, Imo’s Pizza has two locations here in Springfield: Downtown at 600 S. Pickwick Ave and 636 W. Republic Rd on the south side.


You have to try:

  • The Barbecue Pizza
  • Veggie Pizza
  • Baked Mostaccioli


PaPPo’s Pizzeria & Pub | 221 East Walnut St

(417) 866-1111

“Pizza is a form of art.” Those are the first words that come across the screen upon going to PaPPo’s Pizzeria website and they give us a pretty good idea of how PaPPo’s views what they do. The name PaPPo’s comes from the Latin word that means “to eat.” Every pizza at PaPPo’s is made from scratch and cooked in their stone hearth oven. You can custom create your own pizza with their fresh ingredients, or order from the array of hand crafted dishes only found at PaPPo’s. Some of PaPPo’s more unique ingredients include spicy Cholula sauce, KC BBQ sauce, and their “breakfast” pizza complete with farm fresh eggs on top. They offer discounts from time to time, like 15% off for students. Watch their facebook page for updates and specials. They are located on Walnut Street next door to the new Hotel Vandivort.


You have to try:

  • Spicy Chicken Cholula Pizza
  • The PaPPo’s “Kitchen Sink” Pizza
  • Mexicana Pizza



McSalty’s |  1550 E Battlefield Rd

(417) 883-4324

Started 35 years ago, McSalty’s is the pizza capital of Springfield. Handmade wheat crust and fresh ingredients make this pizza café stand out among the rest. With a hefty list of competitors, they were voted to have the “best pizza” by 417 Magazine in 2014 and 2015. Some of McSalty’s most unique ingredients include smoked oysters, anchovies and shrimp. They usually have live music at least every month and they always have coupons on their website, so be sure check that out before you stop in. McSalty’s is located at 2627 E. Sunshine.


You have to try:

  • The Bear Pie
  • McSalty’s Sub
  • The Crazy Italian

Big Slice  |  1450 E Sunshine St

(417) 720-1928

If you love New York Style Pizza, The Big Slice is an excellent option! This is the kind of pizza you have to fold to fit in your mouth. These folks do it really well, too. Some of the pizzas are so big that they don’t even fit in the box! If you’re in a pig out mood, it’s tough to go wrong with anything on the menu at the Big Slice. They’re expanding their location on east Sunshine, so there will be even more room to hang out at the restaurant!

You have to try:

  • Jamaican Me Spicy
  • Classic Pepperoni
  • BEAST MODE – All toppings, No Mercy!

Jax and Gabe’s Pizzeria1282 E Republic Rd

(417) 890-1311

This is a family owned and operated pizzeria on the south side of Springfield. Named after the owner’s grandchildren, Jax and Gabe’s serves up New York style pizza along with an array of other dishes including gourmet hotdogs and pastas. Jax and Gabe’s most unique ingredients include their garlic butter sauce, the New Yorker gourmet hot dog with marinara sauce, and the ranch gourmet hot dog with bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle and ranch dressing. If you’re looking for someone to cater your realtor luncheon, special event or party, Jax and Gabe’s would love to provide for your event. They are located at 1282 E. Republic Rd in Springfield.


You have to try:

  • Spinach & Garlic Pizza
  • Meatball Pizza
  • Garlic Knots


Arris  |  1332 E Republic Rd

(417) 881-7260

Arris is one of the premier places to get thin crust ‘za in town. It’s unique in that it uses Greek style in each of it’s pies. The restaurant opened in 1998 and has become a favorite of Springfieldians ever since, including a few famous visits from the Pitt family.  The pizza is thin crust and features homemade ingredients that will leave you wanting more.  You can also get some amazing gyros here and lots of other tasty dishes.

You have to try:

  • The Achilles Pizza
  • The Zeus Pizza
  • Gyro



Incredible Pizza  |  2850 S Campbell Ave

(417) 887-3030

Incredible Pizza is about way more than just pizza. Don’t get us wrong, it has plenty of choices when it comes to pizza pie, but it’s the other amenities that’ll keep you coming back. IPC is a full service entertainment center with a massive arcade, go karts, mini-golf and plenty more.


You have to try:

  • The Buffet
  • The Arcade
  • Go Karts

BYOPizza | 431 S Jefferson Ave

(417) 501-8212


BYOP stands for ‘Build Your Own Pizza.’ This business brings a unique take on pizza to the Springfield community–you pick your own crust, your own sauces and your own toppings. Once you’ve built your pizza, it takes 90 seconds or less to cook and you’ve got your creation ready to eat. They offer unique ingredients like thai chili sauce, shrimp, steak, and goat cheese just to name a few. BYOP also offers gluten free crust for those who are allergy cautious. They recently did a giant remodel and reopened on September 4th, 2015 with a new logo and a modern store layout, doubling the size of the old store. BYOPizza is located in downtown Springfield across from the YMCA.


You have to try:

  • Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Various specialty toppings: Crab, Shaved Ribeye, Chorizo
  • Wrecking Ball Cannoli


Pizza places to try in surrounding areas:

Nixa – Bud & Walt’s, Godfather’s

Ozark – Hook & Ladder’s

Republic – Rocco’s

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