12 Perfect Places to Have a Child’s Birthday Party in Springfield

October 27, 2017

Birthdays are great when you’re a kid. Presents, cake, friends and of course, a party.  For adults, birthdays aren’t always such a special occasion. So, we may be more excited for the kids’ parties than any celebrations of our own. There are tons of great places in Springfield that would be perfect to host a birthday party.  Whatever your child’s interests are, there’s a place to have a memorable party that they won’t soon forget! Let’s take a look at a few of the best places in town to host a birthday party for a child.


1984 Arcade

400 S Jefferson (Across From the Downtown YMCA)

(417) 831-3665

If you want to share some of the memories of your own childhood with your kid, 1984 is a great choice. It’s a vintage arcade, just like the ones that used to be around in the 1980s and 1990s. You won’t find an XBOX One here, but you will find classic games like Pacman, Gallaga, and plenty of pinball.  If you’re planning on a party at 1984, please remember to call ahead to speak with a staff member! They’ll make sure you have plenty of room and access to what you need!


Discovery Center

438 E St Louis St
(417) 862-9910

Best Places to have a child's birthday in Springfield Missouri


Combining fun and education is what Discovery Center does best. It has so much to see that you’ll probably have to have several parties there to see it all! In addition to the exhibits they have everyday, the Discovery Center offers science demonstrations and scavenger hunts for birthday parties. You can schedule activities like the science of slime or a dry ice investigation that kids are sure to love. Just as a heads, up you will need one chaperone for every 5 kids in attendance.  Discovery Center staff will be there to help out, too!


Dickerson Park Zoo

1401 West Norton Rd (Physical Address) 3043 North Fort (Mailing Address)

(417) 833-1570

For the animal lovers, you can’t do much better than the Dickerson Park Zoo. They host parties for kids aged 3-10 for 90-minute parties. Kids will be entertained with an arts and crafts project, followed by a visit from a few special friends. That’s right, three animals will be invited to your child’s party too! It’ll also have a really cool safari theme and it’s indoors, so you don’t have to worry about the weather!



5225 S Campbell Ave

(417) 883-5151


For the older kids (10 and up), a scuba adventure is a unique idea for a party! It all starts with safety. The kids will watch a short video on how to remain safe with scuba gear. Then, it’s time to hit the pool! Expert staff will be on hand to make sure everyone is having a great time! Each kids will get a snorkel, goggles and scuba gear. They also have a party room for the celebration to continue with cake and presents!




2765 S Kansas Expy

(417) 771-3883

Best Places to have a child's birthday in Springfield Missouri

The folks at Skyzone don’t just want you to have a great party, they want you to have an easy party. Sounds pretty good right? If you book a party here, you’ll have a staff member with you the whole way. So, that’s a load of you, the planner.  Plus, the kids are pretty much guaranteed to love it. Who doesn’t love jumping around with their friends on a giant trampoline?



Chesterfield Family Center

2511 W Republic Rd
(417) 891-1616

Pool parties are always a good time and at Chesterfield Family Center, you don’t have to plan it in the summer only! Chesterfield has a year-round indoor pool with tons to do for almost any age. Perhaps the most enticing element of the pool is the massive slide that extends outside of the building and then back in to the pool.  Parties here are also provided with pizza, soda and a private room to eat and celebrate!


Springfield Gymnastics

529 S Cavalier


Best Places to Have a Child's Birthday Party in Springfield Missouri

A classic birthday party idea, gymnastics is a really fun and active way to celebrate a birthday for younger kids. Springfield Gymnastics has so much to do! In addition to the gymnastics equipment, there’s a huge foam pit for kids to jump into and a massive trampoline with a harness to get some serious air! Springfield Gymnastics also offers part coordinators for parties to ensure that you’ll have an expert on hand! There are two main party types, one is primarily focused around gymnastics and the other adds swimming to the mix with an option for scuba diving for kids over the age of 8!



Itty Bitty City

3640 S. Campbell
(417) 202-2025

Creative play is a great way to expand a child’s mind at a young age and Itty Bitty City offers a unique way for kids to play and learn at the same time. The kids will love attractions like the big blue blocks, the water works, the huge Duplo race tracks and so much more! They have a few different party options that you can read about on their website. Itty Bitty City is a great locally owned company, too!



Andy Bs

1127 E Battlefield St
(417) 883-1234

Andy B's

Photo courtesy of Andy B’s

If you’re looking for a place that will take care of everything you need, Andy B’s is a fantastic option. They’ll provide the food, the entertainment, a staff member and pretty much everything else you’ll need to have a memorable party. Of course, the main attraction is bowling, but Andy B’s has tons of games for kids to play and really good food, too! Plus, they have laser tag and private rooms available!



Mediacom Ice Park

635 E Trafficway

(417) 866-7444

 If you’ve got the next Gracie Gold in your family, Mediacom Ice Park can be a big hit with your child! They have several different packages available, but perhaps the most exciting option is the Parker Package.  It includes plenty of time on the ice, a private room, pizza and a special visit from Parker the Penguin! You can also arrange to play a game of Broomball, a fun hockey-like game that’s little easier for everyone. Instead of skating, players wear shoes and use “brooms” instead of hockey sticks. This is a party no one will soon forget!



Zenith Climbing Center

3534 E Sunshine St #3

(417) 986-3869

Another spot for an active party in Springfield, Zenith Climbing Center is a perfect fit for a birthday party.  They have a special area for birthday parties with a slide and several climbing walls of different heights for various skill levels. There’s also plenty of room to enjoy your cake and food right there next to the walls. The staff is super friendly and will be right there with you to help!


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