10 Places to Get Local Home Decor & Furniture

December 5, 2018

Sure IKEA is great. So is Magnolia Home. But if you’re in the market for something that keeps it local, there are tons of options just as good, if not better to find home decor and furniture. We’ve found some of the best local designers to share with you. Check them out right here and remember to keep it local.

DG Stewart Design and Fabrication

These guys are no joke. They make stunning furniture pieces right here in the Ozarks that could give any national brand a run for its money. They specialize in modern industrial fabrications for both residential homes and commercial offices. They’ve done some amazing work for local companies like Culture Flock, Hook Creative and plenty more. Check them out!

Harrison House Market

Owners Lacy Mayfield and Julie Dake started the business out of a small garage in Republic.  They did without heat or AC when they were getting started, but they didn’t let that stop them. They continued finding great pieces and sharing them with their community.  Now, they have a brand new spot with nearly 3,000 square feet to showcase their finds. Harrison House has an eclectic, welcoming environment that specializes in home decor, women’s clothing and jewelry. They have a great story and a great store!

Obelisk Home

Obelisk Home is a premier destination for the newest and most stylish home accessories and decor in the entirety of Southwest Missouri. The team at Obelisk is full of people with great eyes. Principal designer Nathan Taylor is an interior designer by trade and has a great eye for making a space look personal and eclectic.  Co-owner J. Kent Martin designs his own pieces for the store.  He does bookcases, accent tables, chests and plenty more. His latest collection has been described as “relevant, approachable and inherently handsome.”  Check out the full collection on his Facebook page right here!


Need to find the perfect gift? Ellecor is a trove of brilliant accessories, dinnerware, and fixtures for the home. They have exquisite tastes that can help you put the finishing touches on a new home.  Ellecor also offers interior design services that will knock your socks off.  Just take a look at some of lead design Haden Long’s work!

Flora & Fern

Every home needs a little freshness and there’s no better way to brighten up a spot than with beautiful house plants. A good mix of house plants can completely change the dynamics of a room and Flora & Fern has them in abundance. They come in tons of varieties and are accented with stylish pots and containers.

Round House Decor

As soon as you walk in to Round House decor, the impressive amount of locally made furniture hits you like a spin kick to the face. (Sorry). This place can help you “round out your house” with a modern industrial style and tons of variety. They use a lot of recycled or upcycled materials, too. Plus, they have a lot of great options for fans of the rustic look.

James Home Decor

James Decor is Springfield’s oldest design firm. It all started in 1946. Since then, they’ve continued to carry some of the finest decor pieces in town. The showroom at their Republic Road store is more than 20,000 square feet of original art, bronze pieces, antiques, lamps, rugs, and plenty more!

Beaner Designs

Derived from a nickname her father gave her, Beaner Designs is the brainchild of Briana Serbus. She creates hand-painted signs that provide a welcoming environment the minute you come home. At $6 per foot, the signs are super-affordable too. They’d make a great gift for the holidays or a perfect housewarming gift! Oh and if you need to move, we know some folks.


According to 5908, the world is reservation of inspiration, and that really shines through in the pieces they have on display at their store in Famrer’s Park. If you’re looking for a the perfect screen-printed pillow to give your room a little of your own personality, they can help with that. If you’re looking to make a statement with a dramatic chair in your hearth room, they can help with that too.  Owner Patti Johnson is a pro when it comes to interior design. She regularly goes to markets all across the midwest to find her next wave of inspiration.  Stop by, we’re sure you’ll find some inspiration as well.

Gallery Gal

Don’t forget about the walls! Wall art can be a tough thing to pick out in your home. There are so many different ways to express your personality through art and locating the right pieces to fit with your home decor and furniture can be a real challenge. That’s where the Gallery Gal A.K.A.Lacy Epperson comes in. She and her husband Matthew operate an art curation business out of Springfield that can really provide an assist in putting together a cohesive look on your walls. They can also do custom framing and even create the art itself for you!


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