I Drink Your Milkshake! 8 Awesome Shakes in Springfield

April 30, 2018

The weather is starting to get warmer and we’re ready for a hot day to do our best Daniel Plainview impression on some tasty shakes in the Queen City! Let’s take a look at some of the best Springfield has to offer!


Purple Haze

Black Sheep Burgers and Shakes


Homemade blackberry cobbler mixed perfectly with frozen custard topped with whipped cream and blackberries for good measure. This shake packs a serious punch and if it’s paired with a Black Sheep burger, you’re gonna need to bring stretchy pants and leave room for a nap!

Chocolate Shake


Nothing says summer like a hot dog and a chocolate milkshake and nothing says Springfield like Casper’s! They don’t get fancy with extra ingredients or a feathery name. It’s a chocolate shake and it’s good. Drink it up!


Donut Milkshake

Hurt’s Donut

The haters say Hurt’s is overrated, but have you ever had one of these donut milkshakes? Show us one other place in town that makes something this unique and delicious. We’ll wait.

Anything in an Andy’s Shake

Andy’s Frozen Custard


We refuse to pick only one kind of Andy’s shake. For that matter, we refuse to only pick a shake! They have delicious malts, floats and freezes that could all easily make this list! Of course, each one is done up with Andy’s world famous frozen custard and blended with 30+ choices of toppings. It’s a legend for a reason.

Cherry Malt

Taylor’s Drive In

Photo by Brandon Alms | Courtesy of 417 Magazine

Photo by Brandon Alms | Courtesy of 417 Magazine

Taylor’s has been around for quite a while in Springfield, giving it plenty of time to perfect the Cherry Malt, which 417 Magazine suggests as a perfect burger buddy to one of Taylor’s famous steakburgers. If you’re feeling nostalgic (and hungry) Taylor’s is a perfect place to grab a tasty lunch. Be sure to check out their hours before you head over though. They’re only open for lunch!

Espresso Milkshake

Coffee Ethic 

Need a shake with a little pick me up in it? Of course the Coffee Ethic has something special just for such an occasion. We all know how delicious their espresso is (if you don’t, get on that!), and the shakes go down the same scrumptious path. They make all of the ingredients in house, including the whipped cream! A perfect treat for your favorite Downtown activities this summer.


Bogo Frappes

Classic Rock Coffee

The coffee purists out there might disagree that these closely resemble shakes, but we’re chalking them up as close enough. Classic Rock does these right too. There are 9 flavors to choose from with flavors like caramel, honey and cinnamon, and raspberry with white chocolate. Plus, you get to hang out in a really cool environment. It feels like being in a rock n’ roll club.

Birthday Cake Shake

Steak ‘n’ Shake


Photo courtesy of Steak 'N' Shake

Photo courtesy of Steak ‘N’ Shake

So, this one’s a little obvious. It’s right there in the name. But they do make a heck of a milkshake! Plus, if you visit the St. Louis Street location, you’re gonna be in for a treat in two ways. This location was added to the historical register of places in 2012 during it’s 50 year celebration. It’s significance is tied to it’s location on Historic Route 66 very near to the Birthplace of Route 66 plaque.



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