The Mixed Six Restaurant Mock Draft

March 12, 2018

The Mixed Six podcast is quickly becoming one of the most listened to pods in the area. It’s a show about pop culture, board games, life and of course, tasty adult beverages. In the show, hosts Spencer Harris, Caleb Stokes and producer Ross Payton pick out six different beers to try and with each uncapped drink, they discuss a new topic and rate the brews on a one to five scale. Their podcast has thousands of listeners, both nationally and internationally, and continues to grow. If you’re a fan of brews, board games and off color jokes, you’ll love it!

Give it a listen right here! Keep in mind that the parental advisory warning is on most episodes! You can also follow them on Twitter (@themixedsix) and Facebook  (

We’ve teamed up with the fellas from the Mixed Six for one of their famous mock drafts. Our director of marketing Kyle Drenon joined Spencer and Caleb  to pick their favorite restaurants in Springfield. We’re super lucky to have so many great spots to choose from in the Queen City, so this was a tough one!  Spencer won the toss, so he picked first, followed by Caleb and finally Kyle. It’s a snake draft, so the final pick starts the second round and so on.


Spence–Old Mexico

Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 2.53.11 PM

The next time you wake up and think to yourself, “I’d like to have the best meal in Springfield today,” head on over to Old Mexico and order a couple of the Al Pastor tacos. Soft corn tortillas, pork covered in a delicious (dare I say magical?) sauce and, at the very end, they add in chunks of pineapple. But, it’s not just the tacos. It’s literally all of the things I’ve had there. Fajitas? Delicious. Tortas? Delicious. Chips and salsa (maybe the most important part of any meal)? You guessed it: delicious.


Caleb–J.O.B. Public House


I’m not known as a man with a taste for moderation. To be clear, I’m not bringing this up because J.O.B. Public House lacks in healthy, wholesome options: their salads are crisp, and the rolls they bake in-house are made with a grandmotherly level of love and care. But they also have french fries covered in brown sugar, fried pizza balls, miniature steak sandwiches, and a tap line/whiskey selection that ranks among the best in the midwest. As a man who has chosen to conduct his diet with a hedonism reminiscent of the most decadent Roman emperors, J.O.B. Public House is my favorite treat in all of Springfield.


Kyle–Aviary Cafe


The Aviary is like a massage for your soul. I don’t know about the nutrition facts of the food there, but I know it’s good for your health to go there. I love everything about it. The food, the staff, the little books they give you the checks in. It’s easily my first choice.



Kyle–City Butcher


Barbecued food. City Butcher literally changed my life. Not in some sappy way, but in a way that I’m a more complete person because it exists. These people treat meat like it’s a treasured family heirloom.  I can get into any place that has masters of their craft on hand and City Butcher has exactly that.


Caleb–Pappo’s Pizzeria


Forced to leave my lunch early to make an appointment, I once squirrelled away toasted ravioli made by Pappo’s Pizzeria in my hoodie pockets to eat as I walked. Given the choice of leaving them behind or eating food out of my clothes as people gawked at me on the street, I made the right choice. The only choice. On another occasion, when the bustle of downtown was too much for me to bear, I drove within the delivery zone of Pappo’s so that a very confused pizza boy could deliver a pie to where I had parked on a curb. After paying the poor man and grabbing the pizza (I may have hissed at him out of animal reflex, and for that I apologize), I hurried back to my lair to horde the precious gustatorial delight to myself. All this is to say that I can no longer stand the shame of my selfish, miserly addiction to Pappo’s fantastic food, and I strongly recommend everyone else partake as soon as possible.


Spence–The Wheelhouse


I vividly remember the first time I had the Drunken Noodles at The Wheelhouse. It’s the other 5,000 times since then that I struggle to remember with pinpoint accuracy. There might not be a better quick, grab and go (or delivery if you’re within range) option in Springfield than the Wheelhouse. The people are exceptionally considerate of dietary restrictions (he said, after talking about the Drunken Noodles), the ingredients are exceptionally fresh, and the meals will make your insides smile.





There are very few dishes that I actually anticipate eating. Most food is, after all, functional. It serves a necessary purpose and, in the best of cases, it tastes great. But some food, a limited selection of meals, is transcendent. It makes you forgot the purpose of food and, in its place, serves up pure decadence on a plate. If you’re looking for this kind of one-with-the-universe cosmic experience, go have the Chicken Parmesan at Nicola’s.


Caleb–Grad School


The week Grad School opened, my college roommates and I entered to find the owners shooting craps. The pot was the collected tips of their first week: less than $20. Skeptical of any meal that would be served in the middle of dice game, we stayed nonetheless. We were rewarded with the best meal any of us had eaten in our 6 years of college (we were…not studious). More than a decade later, Grad School has become a dining staple downtown and one of the best restaurants to ever bless Springfield. It is the first place I take guests, and the last place I’ll visit if I’m ever forced to leave.


Kyle–Civil Kitchen


Chicken and waffles are what does it for me at Civil. Not only do you get deliciously breaded chicken on a delightful little bassinet of waffle-y goodness. You also get to choose from several different gravy options and several different syrup options. It makes me feel like the king of Siam. Bring me another goblet of delicious syrup Garcon!


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