The Best Adult Sports Leagues in SGF

September 3, 2017

Who says sports are only for professionals and school kids? In the Greater Springfield area, you never have to retire. There’s a league for virtually every sport and it’s a great way to get out and meet some new folks in the area and get a little bit of exercise. Let’s be real though. Playing the game is fun,but the glory of making that diving catch or hitting a walk off homer is why we continue to play the game. Sports give us some of our favorite moments in life and there’s no reason you have to let the clock run out on your sports career. Here are some of the best adult sports leagues in Springfield!


Downtown Wiffle League


Perhaps the newest adult sports league in town, the Downtown Wiffle League is unlike any other organized sport in the area. First of all, the rules are a tad different than you’d expect. The first rule of the DWL is that all disputes are immediately resolved by each team’s captain facing off in rock-paper-scissors.  If only everything could be resolved by a quick 1-2-3-shoot.  The league plays on several different ‘fields’ including Park Central Square and Mother’s Brewing’s backyard. In the most recent season, the Trolley Bike team went 7-1 in the regular season and took home the victory in the championship as well. Congrats!


Summers at the River


Summers at the River, or just Summers as it is colloquially known, is easily one of the most popular adult leagues in the area. It’s a 20-acre park between Nixa and Springfield with 4 softball fields, 2 sand volleyball courts and a full bar with TVs, food and a service golf cart that brings refreshments to the players during the games! It’s been the home of some pretty serious teams for many years. It’s also just a cool place to hang out. The folks who run it put on concerts with local favorites like Members Only and the Mixtapes. They have benefit tournaments to help local causes as well, which is a great way for softball lovers to get together, have some fun and do something to help out their community. Check them out on Facebook right here!


Killian Softball Complex

Killian is a Springfield classic for sports lovers. In addition to being the home of the Missouri State Bears softball team, it’s also the home of dozens of leagues every year, both coed, women’s and men’s.  Killian has a good variety of leagues for all different kinds of players and skill levels. One of our favorite parts of this park is that they’re dog friendly. If you’ve never had a dog mascot in the dugout, it’s something you really ought to try!



Flag Football


For fans of the grid iron, we’ve got a suggestion for you as well. The Park Board puts on a flag football league in early autumn and spring every year. It’s a non-contact version of 7-on-7 football with similar rules to the padded, contact version. Games are held at Meador Sports Complex.



If you feel like you’ve still got some pretty good hops and handles, the Downtown YMCA has adult basketball leagues, held quarterly for players over 18.  There’s a regular season spanning six weeks and a two week playoffs.  You can always work on your jumper in the offseason at the Y as well.


Ultimate Frisbee

photo by Mitchell Weinstein

photo by Mitchell Weinstein

What do you get when you combine football and frisbee? Ultimate Frisbee. This relatively new sport has garnered a passion fan base, including intramural teams on both Drury and Missouri State campuses. While some are pushing for the sport to become a collegiate level competition, many folks are just out for a good game for fun.  The Springfield Area Ultimate group on Facebook is a good spot to check for upcoming leagues and pickup games for Ultimate Frisbee fans.




For all you aspiring Lori Endicotts out there, Springfield has some adult volleyball leagues, too! Held at several different venues in town, the Park Board puts on leagues for women and coeds for players aged 16 and up.  Leagues typically run from October to December. Check on availability and how to start a team right here!


Adult Soccer (indoor and outdoor)


Lake Country has been a big part of the Springfield soccer scene for decades. Anyone who played as a kid in the city probably graced the fields at Lake Country.  Well, you don’t have to reminisce on the glory days on the pitch anymore. You can join an indoor or outdoor league for adults here too! Just be sure you stretch!


Bowling Leagues

There are dozens of bowling leagues in town for all kinds of different experience levels. Nearly every alley in town has some sort of organized competition, offering plenty of variety and chances to compete! Below are a few links to league info at some of Springfield’s most popular alleys.

Tennis at Cooper Sports Complex


Cooper Tennis Complex is home to the Springfield Lasers first and foremost, but it’s also a great place for tennis enthusiasts to hang out and participate in competitive matches against other locals. Cooper regularly has tournaments for men’s and women’s singles and double, plus mixed doubles.  You can also play non-traditional tennis games like 41!, which features rotating partners and speedier pace

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