8 Super-Exciting New Restaurants in Springfield!

December 4, 2017

The foodie culture in Springfield is on fire right now! It seems like every month a new, cutting edge restaurant pops up in town. As we wait anxiously for the grand openings of new spots like Van Gogh’s and the grand re-opening of Ophelia’s, we wanted to shine a light on a few spots in town that have recently opened and have made an impression on connoisseurs of delectable foodstuffs in the Queen City. Here are 8 new restaurants we think you should try in Springfield before the end of the year!

Black Sheep ASAP

2420 E Sunshine St


The one you’ve all been waiting for, Black Sheep ASAP will finally arrive this week! It’s a drive through version of the burger restaurant that has taken Springfield by storm. It’ll also have seating for a few dozen people, but we’re betting a lot more south side businesses will be having Black Sheep for lunch for a long time to come! It’s located on east Sunshine Street between Autozone and Kum n’ Go. We’re betting this location will be around for a long time, so even if you can’t make before the end of the year, you’ll have a chance.

Tinga Tacos

308 W. McDaniel

From the brilliant culinary minds of the folks who brought Civil Kitchen to downtown Springfield comes Tinga Tacos. Don’t get it twisted though, this isn’t a traditional Mexican restaurant. It’s a taco place. Tinga is focused perfecting the art of the street taco, similar to what you’d find in a big city food truck. They officially opened on November 16th in the former location of the Brick Slice Pizza on McDaniel Street, just a short walk from the parking garage next to Hollywood Theater. Don’t expect a ground beef, cheese and lettuce taco. The ingredients are what makes Tinga stand out. They’re full of unique and fresh components that are never boring!

105 Park Central Square


Trust us, the name is ironic. This is not a dive bar. It’s a hip new place with shareable plates and a large selection of beverages. The food is based around the idea of a tapas-style menu that allows a group of people to all try the same bites. Fromage (cheese boards), charcuterie (meat boards), and crudité (veggie boards) are listed as apps, but make great shareables before round two. There are plates featuring scallops, steak, meatballs, duck, mussels and plenty more!



One of the newest food trucks in town, Holy Cow does Indian-inspired dishes with a modern flair. Plus, they’ve also got tacos! These aren’t like the ones you’ll find at Tinga, though. Holy Cow does naan tacos, made from the South Asian flatbread. It’s a thicker, fluffier version of a soft shell taco with tons of tasty ingredients stuffed inside! They also have curry dishes, tandoori, masala and plenty more!


Battlefield Mall

Finally, a full restaurant dedicated to the glory of hotdogs! Since Merle’s closed downtown, Springfield hasn’t had a hotdoggery in town until Wonder Wieners opened in the Battlefield Mall. These aren’t the Chicago Style Dogs we’ve become accustomed to in the Midwest, though. They’re Seattle style dogs, which are usually distinguished by the inclusion of cream cheese to the dog. Wonder Wieners uses many different kinds of cream cheeses and proprietary jams to season the flavor of their all-beef hot dogs. They have some great local options, too. Among them are the Queen City Brat, which uses Horrman Meat’s handmade bratwurst with cream cheese and sauerkraut. nom nom nom nom nom!



310 South Ave


Scotch and Soda is not a new establishment, but its menu is.  The most interesting thing about their newly found food service is that they don’t have a kitchen. They also don’t have a oven or a stove. But what they do have is some delicious options to have along with their wide selection of spirits. There’s a good array of sandwiches, charcuterie and snacks too!

OMO Japanese Soul Food

2101 W. Chesterfield St B102


Ramen! Omo really knows how to prepare a proper ramen dish, something that Springfield has longed for in foodie circles for years. They call their cuisine Soul Food because of the hearty portions and deft care they put into their food. Even if you’re not big on ramen, they have plenty of other options available in a traditional Japanese style, along with some fusion choices. The environment is really friendly and really fun, too. You’re guaranteed to be greeted with a smiling face and excellent service every time you visit the Chesterfield restaurant.






Mikado Supreme Buffet

2501 S Campbell Ave


If you’re in a grazing mood, try out the newest buffet in town at Mikado.  It’s a supreme Asian buffet with tables full of sushi, steak, salad, and much more. It’s grand opening was November 20th of this year and it looks primed to be a favorite spot for Southsiders who love Eastern cuisine. Be on the lookout for Seniors nights on Tuesdays too! Seniors get 50% off from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. every Tuesday!


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