15 Reasons Ozark, Missouri is a Wonderful Place to Live

December 18, 2017

For more than 127 years, the city of Ozark, Missouri has been growing. It started as town of just over 230 people and has grown to a city of nearly 20,000. It’s such a great place to raise a family and enjoy the natural beauty of the Ozarks, all while benefitting from the amenities of a mid-sized city. It’s just a short drive away from our home office in Springfield and we’ve had the pleasure of finding homes for many of the city’s residents. We wanted to share a few reasons we think Ozark is a wonderful place to live, so without further ado, here’s 15 reasons we love Ozark!


Reason #1

It’s the perfect mix of city and country.


Ozark is perfectly situated near tons of great outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes. It’s also got a growing urban area and the Historic Square in Downtown Ozark. You can get everything you need within minutes, but you’ve also got nature nearby at all times! It’s tough to beat the small town feel Ozark gives with the amenities of a larger city on hand!


Reason #2

It has an awesome sports tradition

Photo by Brady Brite/Headliner News

Photo by Brady Brite/Headliner News

The Ozark High School sports teams have a great tradition! Ozark is also home to Major League Baseball Pitcher Lucas Harrell, who led Ozark’s baseball team to a championship in 2003.  It’s also home to Miami University Hall of Famer Rusty Madeiras, who is one of the greatest pass rushers in Miami’s history. People in Ozark are passionate about their sports and their support is clear to see at any event!



Reason #3

B&B Theaters is an awesome place to hang out!


Long before Alamo Drafthouse arrived in Springfield, B&B Theaters was doing luxury film showings in its Ozark location. This place has uber-comfortable seats that recline to almost a fully flat position, they serve full meals like burgers, pizza and chicken strips and they have a great bar area while you wait for the theater to open. It’s a fantastic movie-going experience in a really convenient location!



It’s a burgeoning business center


For more than 3 decades, Ozark has been one of the fastest growing cities in the state. This has been a big factor in its economic growth and business development. Ozark’s median household income is now more $5,000 higher than the state average and it has the fourth lowest unemployment rate in the entire state.




It’s a mecca for antiquers


The Historic Square in Ozark is known for its great antique shops. People from nearby communities flock to stores like Spring Creek Tea Room, Leola’s Vintage, Grace House and plenty more! It’s the perfect place to find that unique piece of furniture or decor for your new home!



The Tea Rooms!


In addition to the great antiques on the Square, it’s also known for its peaceful respites from the grind of shopping. The tea rooms in Ozark have really become a destination for residents and visitors alike. There are plenty to choose from, each with its own unique offerings.


Reason #7

It’s history is super-interesting


As we said in the first paragraph, Ozark has been an incorporated city since 1890, but its roots go much deeper in American history. One of the premier spots to learn about the history of the area is Smallin Cave. It is a breathtaking experience in which visitors can learn about the geology of the cave and its significance during the Civil War. There is strong evidence to suggest that the cave was used by both union soldiers and confederate soldiers at different points during the war. Visitors can tour the cave to learn about the folklore surrounding it in a variety of ways! Check it out!



The schools are excellent


According to niche.com, Ozarks schools are among the safest schools in the state and ranked 30th best overall district out of 446 districts in Missouri. It was also ranked in the top 12% of best places to teach in the state. There are 4 elementary schools, a middle school, a junior high and a high school that are all rated at an A- or high on niche.com’s schools ratings.



The OC (Not the california one)


This top-notch, state-of-the-art facility is home to tons of great amenities for the residents of Ozark. It features an amazing indoor pool and aquatics center, a fully decked out fitness center, a snack bar, and plenty of classes for yoga, martial  arts, dance and more! There’s always something to do at the OC!


Reason #10

There are tons of great local restaurants!

Photo by Brian Sirimaturos for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Photo by Brian Sirimaturos for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Everyone knows about the famous Lambert’s Cafe. It’s one of the most well know and delicious restaurants in the Ozarks. Aside from Lambert’s dominant presence, Ozark has lots of awesome locally owned restaurants. Iguana Roja is a two-time champ of Wingapalooza in Springfield for its scrumptious wings. Big Whiskey’s has become a local favorite.  Yen Ching consistently delivers excellent Chinese food. Plus, there’s Salvatore’s Italian, Rosie Jo’s Cafe, Ben’s on the Square and plenty of other excellent choices to chow down!



Reason #11

Finley River Park rules!

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 4.32.05 PM

This park, located just off Highway 14, is a great spot to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. There is plenty of room to play, exercise and enjoy the scenic views of the Finley River. You can also inquire about using one of the three pavilions available for your next private party!


Reason #12

Great hunting and fishing nearby!


There are lots of places to hunt and fish nearby. Be sure you check out the seasons for each animal before you head out. You’ll need to get permission to hunt of private land, too. You can also check out the Missouri Department of Conservation’s website for nearby public hunting land. There are lots of options available that would make a great weekend trip or just a day trip to bag that deer or turkey!

Reason #13

Housing is affordable!


The median sale price in Ozark for the past year is just $159,900, but the vast array of housing options in the area offers choices for any price range. More than 700 homes have sold in the area and the majority of those homes sold in less than 30 days! The market is great in Ozark and we’d be happy to help you find a place of your own in the city or nearby!


Reason #14

It’s close to everything!


Ozark is only 5 to 10 minutes away from the city limits of Springfield, with a convenient hop on Highway 65 to get there. It’s also only about 30 minutes away from the country music capitol of the world, Branson, Missouri! One of our favorite things about Ozark is its location. In our business, location is everything and Ozark has one of the best in the area!


Reason #15

The Finley River Greenway Trail


Stretching from the OC all the way northwest to  Finley River Park, the Ozark Finley River Greenway Trail is a perfect venue to get some exercise, take a stroll with friends or just enjoy the scenic views of the city and nature along the way!



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