Springfield in the 90s: Part II

June 23, 2017

Last year, we remembered what life was like in Springfield in 1990s.  We looked back at places like Wet Willy’s, Alladin’s Castle and Lisa Rose’s awesome haircut.  This year we’d like to wax nostalgic on some of the things we missed last time around.



Firefall was the summer festival for many years in Springfield. It was centered around fireworks, but it was much more than that. There were games, food, music and plenty more!



Juke Joint

The Juke Joint was the coolest 90s grunge venue in Springfield. Some great acts came through Springfield in the 90s and lots of them played the Juke Joint.



Channel Z


Channel Z was one of the most mentioned things about the 90s people talked about in our first version of this article. It was the rock and roll station everyone listened to in the 90s. It later became Channel Z 95.5 the Edge. The station featured local talent like George Spankmeister, who is still on the air in town with US97.

Mike Malibu


Depending on who you ask, this could be the best or worst rap of all time. That claymation was state of the art at the time.

Tokyo Sauna

This was a massage parlor in Springfield in the 1990s that was shut down for some (ahem) illegal services.  If you don’t know what we’re talking about, that’s probably a good thing.


Mr. Bulky’s


Every 90s kid in Springfield remembers this place. It was the candy-center of town in the Battlefield Mall.


This Cup

Photo by Nathan Papes of the Springfield News-Leader

Photo by Nathan Papes of the Springfield News-Leader


The Springfield News-Leader tracked down the designer of this iconic cup that rose to popularity in the 1990s.  The designer is from the Ozarks originally and designed the cup for Sweetheart in the early 1990s. The rest is history.  The story is great! Give it a read right here!



The Barn Swings

Not quite in Springfield, but just a few miles away. The Barn Swings were a pretty fun extracurricular that involved swinging around in a circle on huge stacks of hay (and later, mattresses). If you could swing around and get yourself back on the platform, you were pretty cool.  By the way, this video is absolutely amazing.  Maybe the coolest thing we’ve seen in months. Watch it.

Brandon Beck’s Early Years at KY3

Brandon Beck started his career under the venerable Tom Dye at KY3 as a meterologist and has since become the go-to weatherman in southwest Missouri.  His affable sense of humor and friendly demeanor has endeared him to thousands of Ozarkers over the years and we’re sure glad he’s still in Springfield. You’re the man, Brandon!


The Emergence of Big Smith

Legendary Springfield blue grass band Big Smith became popular in the early 90s and sailed through the decade as one of the top bands in Southwest Missouri.



This was a local favorite of music lovers. In the 90s we didn’t have these new-fangled contraptions that hold a million songs. We actually bought compact discs or CDs as the kids called ’em in those days. Hastings was a great place to pick up the latest CDs in Springfield. It was located in the same area that Incredible Pizza now inhabits.

Montgomery Ward

Once a staple in the Battlefield Mall, Montgomery Ward was a full-fledged department store. It had everything from electronics to furniture to jewelry and clothing.


mo stl fb 70s 2

Another blast from the past at the Battlefield Mall, Famous-Barr was one of the major outfitters in Springfield during the 90s. The Famous-Barr name was retired in 2006 and is now a Macy’s.


An awesome ice cream place that was wildly popular in the 90s.


Charlie Spoonhour’s SMS Bears Basketballs teams


Coach Spoonhour was coach of the men’s basketball team from 1983-1992 and led the Bears to 5 MVC titles, two in the 90s.  He also got the Bears into March Madness twice in the decade, falling in the first round both times to Michigan State and North Carolina. His Bears squads were arguably the best in school history.


The Mudhouse Begins


The OG of coffee shops in Springfield, the Mudhouse opened its doors in 1998 and has been slinging top-of-the-line caffeinated beverages ever since.

And of course, the Start of Murney Associates, Realtors®



We opened our doors in 1997 with 7 agents and a philosophy that has never changed, ‘exceed the expectations of our clients.’ We’ve since grown into the largest network of real estate professionals in Southwest Missouri. We’ve been locally owned and operated for our entire 20 years of doing business in the Ozarks. We love this area. We love the history and memories we’ve had over the years and we’d love to help you find a place to call home and build your own memories in this beautiful region.



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