11 Amazingly Artistic SGF Photographers

December 1, 2017

We all know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, but for some photographers it’s more like a million words. Springfield’s creative scene is a robust and vibrant community with scores of talented individuals. Specifically in photography, there are dozens of brilliant artists who practice photography in both professional and artistic capacities. Here are 11 of Springfield’s most artistic photographers!





Julie Blackmon is a Springfield Native whose photographs have been featured in the New Yorker, Time and other publications many times. Her work is inspired by a childhood in the Queen City with many siblings. Her photos tell the stories of being a kid in a magical, sometimes jarring way. She graduated from Missouri State University, where she honed her craft. Since then, her work has been displayed at the Kemper Center for Contemporary Art in Kansas City, the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas and the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York.

See more of her work for perusal and purchase!




Christian Gideon is a Springfield native with a palpable passion for capturing beautiful moments. His work has taken him all over the world including to shoot international soccer matches, weddings in Hawaii, and editorial work in Mexico. Gideon also does corporate work for major brands like Adidas, Umbro, Heineken, Red Bull and other companies. He’s based out of Springfield but travels often and shares the photos he takes on Instagram and Facebook.  His wedding and engagement work is phenomenal as well. When you hire Christian, you’re hiring more than just a vendor. He really becomes invested in the moments and learns as much as he can about his subjects to capture stills that are personal and special memories.




Randy Bacon is a long time inhabitant of Springfield and is known for his lustrous portraiture of local people and his ability to tell their stories with a poignant perspective. His most recent project, 7 Billion Ones is an empowering movement whose aim is to tell the stories of everyday people. Bacon’s work has been featured in dozens of magazines including Seventeen, Time and locally 417 Magazine. His style is unmistakable and so is his compassionate personality.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 4.17.14 PM





Two of the most creative lensmen in town ‘co-captain’ Springfield-based Starboard and Port. Chase Heilman and George Ferris bring the heat on every project they work on and people around Springfield have taken notice. They’ve done photography for folks like Shaun Munday, Druff’s, Hotel Vandivort and lots of other cutting edge businesses and individuals in recent years. Their intense creativity and laser focus on detail are their distinguishing traits. Plus, they’ve got a pretty cute head of security (their rescue dog Nima).

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 4.39.29 PM



Colby and Jess Moore have been traveling the world. This sentence is almost always true. We can follow along with their amazing excursion through the vivid images they capture along the way.  The Moores are adept at finding the beauty in nature and urban spaces alike. They are wedding photographers by trade, but also offer what they call adventure sessions, which their clients have used on anniversary trips, engagement sessions, and honeymoons. Their hypnotizing landscapes are as detailed as they are imaginative.



We got a chance to speak with Spencer recently and we thought we’d share his perspective on his work:

“All I am doing is just photographing my foot print, like a diary, it is organic kinda like a walking meditation for me. Where I’m at what I’ve seen. I do have some projects that I plan such as photographing ballet dancers around the world, and the Springfield dancers who inspired me to do this by allowing me to photograph them in the streets and businesses of Springfield!. That body of work can be seen at the mud lounge now. I feel that it represents Springfield in a good way. Check it out, the lighting there leaves a lot to be desired but adds a certain romance to the body of work.”


Alms is the Senior Photographer at 417 Magazine. You can see his the crisp detail and amazing composition in his stunning images in nearly every issue. Alms has also been a featured artist at Springfield’s biggest art festival, ArtsFest.  He has cultivated an impressive portfolio of landscapes, wildlife, food, and people in his career and his work can be seen on his website. In addition to 417 Mag, his work has been featured in Feast Magazine, The Springfield Chamber Guide, The Branson Chamber Guide, Primeways Magazine and many others.



Andrew Edwards is more than just a photographer, he’s a storyteller. His trade is primarily focused on weddings, engagements and portraits. His philosophy is to ‘make genuine moments and the the affection that comes with them last.’ It’s clearly evident in the work he’s put together so far. You can check him out on Instagram and Facebook!








With her intellectual approach to photography, Brenna Stark’s work will instill a sense of wonderment and curiosity in its viewers. The pallet from which she crafts her images includes a psychological ethos, a connection to nature and an inquisitive disposition about what exists beyond ourselves. Her work has a dexterity that you won’t find in other artists, as she seems able to capture grace and uncouth simultaneously. She also does remarkable portraits and images of spaces, including real estate, which we really love!



The mission of Bulger Creative is not only to show people what the camera has captured, but what it actually felt like to be in the moment the image displays. Bulger Creative is run by Joe Bulger, who has traveled the world to take pictures. His piece on Mosul, Iraq is a stunning collection that really shows what life is like in the country.  He has also done works for clothing companies and couples who are tying the knot. His work is striking visually and his ability to arrest the visceral emotion in the moments he shoots is exceptional.




Hassan Khan is easily one of favorites on this list and only partially because he serves as the production coordinator at Murney. Long before he was brought into the fold at our company he had been practicing his craft in the Springfield area. He’s done corporate work for SRC, Argentina Steakhouse, The Wheel Kings, and Springfield Striping and Sealing. He’s been featured in the Hotel Vandivort, the LoveSpringfield Instagram account and many other places. He also creates video content for the Murney Blog like InhabitSGF!


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