7 Places to get an awesome salad in Springfield

June 8, 2017

Salad is a nearly perfect lunch.  Not too heavy, not too light. You won’t be falling asleep at your desk because you’re too full, but your stomach won’t be grumbling at that 3:00 meeting either.  Salads offer tons of variety for different tastes and they can be a good healthy option, too! There are lots of great salads on menu all throughout the city, but let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there!


The Strawberry Kale Salad

Sequiota Bike Shop

3521 S Lone Pine Ave

A southside favorite, The Sequiota Bike Shop is much more than just a place to get some gear for your Ozark Greenways rides. It’s also an awesome artisan restaurant! The Strawberry Kale salad is delicious.  It features baby kale, romaine, fresh strawberries, toasted pecans and mozzarella.  Pair it up with a half sandwich too if you’re looking for some more sustenance.  Sequiota Bike Shop has a good variety of dressings for this salad, too.


Steak and Wedge Salad


2431 N Glenstone Ave

2110 E Republic Rd



This one might get you pretty full.  It’s a 5 ounce sirloin, served with an icebergwedge, smoked bacon, spicy pecans. If that’s not enough for ya, they’ll throw in some asparagus, gorgonzola, and some tasty warm polenta croutons, all with bleu cheese dressing to drape over the top. It’s so good, but you’ll need to come hungry!


House Salad


Most people probably go to Garbo’s for the pizza. After all, it is a pizza parlor. We’re gonna go ahead and say there are quite a few people who think about the house salad first.  It’s a mixed lettuce blend with delicious Provel cheese, black olives, cubed Canadian Bacon, bacon crumbles, and red onions.  It’s topped off with Garbo’s own house dressing, which is similar to an Italian dressing. Get the big one to share with a group before your pizza comes.  Or, just get the salad and chow down!

Steak Gorgonzola Salad

The Grotto

301 E. Battlefield Rd

If you’re in the mood for something Cali-style, swing by the Grotto.  Another hearty salad, the steak Gongonzola salad isn’t a side salad, it’s an entree.  On a bed of mixed greens you’ll get cinnamon pecans, gorgonzola, caramelized and tomato drizzled in a light Balsamic vinegar.


Tomato Mozzarella


This is the perfect appetizer to a mouthwatering pasta plate from Nicola’s kitchen. The tomato and mozzarella are perfect together.  The cooks don’t overdo it with anything too fancy.  They add olive oil to dress the romaine and add fresh cut basil and oregano to finish.  Ciao bella!


Eat Fit Go

3233 E. Sunshine, Suite 104



Neighbor’s Mill

1435 East Independence, Suite 110


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