The Spring in Springfield Playlist

April 16, 2018


About the Musicians

D. Clea

Featured song: Kiss Up

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Creativity first, logistics later. That’s the mantra of D. Clea’s creative process. They’ve never adhered to the traditional method of song writing. They focus on the bigger picture of creating their music. The result is a crisp, tight sound that is reminiscent of well known European synth pop bands like CHVRCHES. D.Clea cites a wide variety of influences from Arcade Fire to Radiohead to Paul McCartney. They put on an amazing show, so keep an eye out for their next event!


Chappell Roan

Featured song: School Nights

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Chappell Roan is a singer and song writer from Willard, Missouri. Only 19 years old, Roan is already signed to major record label! She signed with Atlantic Records not too long ago due to her amazingly unique voice. She’s been compared to Lana Del Ray and Sia. Her songs recount her youth with big, rangy melodies that she belts out like modern arias over expertly crafted scores. Roan is going places and we can’t wait to see what she does next!


Jake Wesley Rogers

Featured song:You Should Know

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Another musical prodigy from the Springfield area, Jake Wesley Rogers signed with Sony/ATV at only 18 years old. He has a big voice, often compared to John Legend, Sam Smith and James Blake. Not bad company! His new EP, Evergreen was released in 2017 and it’s caught the attention of some of the biggest acts in the nation. Rogers can change keys faster than a Murney Agent (sorry, we had to). His ability to drift in and out of falsetto is mesmerizing. He’s a spectacular talent!


Ellie Schmidly

Featured song: Where to Begin

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Ellie Schmidly released two singles earlier this year and they. are. amazing! She has an eclectic style that keeps the listener guessing what’s coming next. Her song ‘Where to Begin’ already has nearly 50,000 listens on Spotify and she has about 15,000 monthly listeners. We can’t wait for her next release!


Brian Bulger

Featured song: Tend

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Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 3.25.45 PM

Honesty is a theme in the music of Brian Bulger. He believes in reveling in the experiences we encounter in life, the good and the bad. His songs celebrate the intricacies of love, the pain of losing someone and the nostalgia of childhood. He uses his voice to accompany his acoustic guitar along with sporadic uses of violin and other instruments. Check him out for sure!

The Creek Rocks

Featured song: The State of Missouri

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Husband and wife duo Cindy Woolf and Mark Bilyeu are quickly gaining steam as one of the premier bluegrass bands in the area. Bilyeu was a founding member of the legendary Springfield band Big Smith and Cindy has been putting out albums since 2003. They can often be found at the Hotel Vandivort playing songs from their album Wolf Hunter. The album is named after two songwriters who influenced the album, John Quincy Wolf and Max Hunter who are from Cindy’s and Mark’s hometowns respectively. Seriously, go to Hotel V and see these two. You won’t regret it!



Also featured:

Hudson Freeman

Featured song: Anything Else

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Emily Higgins

Featured song: Ozark Bluff

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Joe Dillstrom

Featured song:Fallin’ Down

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Mood Ring Circus

Featured song:Blanket in the Park

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Moon City

Featured song: Wave

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Kevin Cott

Featured song: River Bend

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Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Featured song: Nightwater Girlfriend

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Speedy West

Featured song: Our Paradise

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Smokey Folk

Featured song: The Turnaround

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Back Road Story

Featured song: Nothing Left to Lose

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