10 Reasons We’re Thankful to Live in Springfield

November 23, 2016

Springfield, Missouri is near and dear to our hearts. Murney was born and raised here. This city is truly a wonderful place to be and we’re feeling very thankful. What better time than Thanksgiving to share a few reasons why we’re grateful to live and work in Springfield? Without further ado, here we go!



Springfield was named as the 8th best city in America to start a business by WalletHub.com this year.  This ranking is mostly due to the number one overall ranking for costs to start a business.  That’s right, WalletHub.com says Springfield is the lowest cost place in the country to start a business. With advocates like the eFactory, One Million Cups and others, small businesses have fantastic opportunities to learn the ropes and create a sustainable plan to achieve their business goals.

Source: WalletHub




It’s an easy thing to forget when you’ve lived here for a long period of time, but Springfield is incredible affordable when compared to the national average. In the world of real estate, our city’s affordability really shines at 25% below the national average. Housing costs in Springfield and the surrounding area are almost shockingly lower than those of San Francisco and Washington D.C. Our friends at liveinspringfieldmo.com have calculated that a home valued at $195,000 in Springfield would cost $1,434,407 in San Francisco! At that rate, you could buy seven homes in Springfield for the same amount in San Francisco. Unless it’s the actual home from Full House, we’d take the seven homes in SGF.




2016 had so many great events that it’d be tough to name them all.  We’re sure there will be even more new and exciting in 2017.  You can always subscribe to our blog for news on the community and some of the events going on.  There’s also a page on the News-Leader’s web site that can be a great place to check for upcoming events in the Springfield area.



If you haven’t noticed already, we’re pretty big fans of food here at the Murney blog.  Recently, we covered five restaurants that are totally en vogue right now. There’s new restaurants popping up all the time in Springfield, including Zayka (a new Indian Restaurant), Rama Thai (Thai noodles), Druff’s (gourmet grilled cheesery) and plenty more!




The work being done in Springfield by our non-profits is astounding.  Whether its Ozarks Food Harvest’s quest to feed people who don’t know where their next meal is going to come from or Care To Learn’s advocacy of children’s well being, there’s some truly heart warming efforts occurring every day in the Ozarks. These efforts wouldn’t be possible without the contributions of the citizens of the city.  Volunteers have helped raise money for people in need in so many ways this year, and we’re proud of all of them.






All 5 high schools in Springfield are Missouri A+ schools and produce higher ACT scores than the national average, according to liveinspringfield.com. The surrounding areas have excellent districts as well. Nixa and Willard have both been recognized as outstanding schools in recent years.


We Have a Serious Passion For Local Sports


The Bears, the Cards, the Panthers and the Crusaders all have devoted fan bases that come out in droves to support their teams every season.  For more than 10 years, we’ve been seeing young players develop at Hammons Field and go on to become big leaguers in St. Louis.  We’ve seen some incredible hoops stars like Jackie Stiles and Anthony Tolliver emerge in our city and go on to play professionally.



Our Parks Are Beautiful


In Springfield, we have some amazing parks that are perfect for a sunny afternoon with the kids and the dog.  Sequiota is a great place to take a stroll and spot some ducks.  Phelps Grove in the Autumn is a gorgeous place to enjoy nature without having to leave the city.  Nathaneal Greene is a lush landscape, perfect for exercising.  Plus, we’ve got some amazing trails in the area as well.  Ozarks Greenways has put together a wonderful collection of biking and hiking trails all over.  We’re thankful to live in an area that has so many beautiful natural areas.

Reason #9

The City is Committed to Celebrating the Arts


The Springfield Art scene has become a real attraction in recent years. Our community is full of creative individuals who are helping to define the world we live in with works of art.  The First Friday Art Walk on the first Friday of every month is a great showcase of local and national talent.  The Springfield Art Museum is a fantastic institution that organizes remarkable exhibits all year long.

Reason #10

Branson is Just a Short Drive Away


Some of the most famous attractions in the Ozarks are just about a 45 minute drive away (or half an hour if you’re a lead foot).  If you’re a fan of country music, you can see some pretty special shows on a regular basis.  If you’re more of the amusement park type, Branson’s got you covered there too.  All in all, it’s a very entertaining place and it’s great to be just a short drive away.



There are so many reasons to be thankful for our community. It would be impossible to list them all.  Share the reason you’re most thankful with us on Twitter or Facebook. We’d love to connect with a fellow Springfieldian.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

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