What Would Happen If your Favorite TV Show Was Set in Springfield?

November 29, 2017

Springfield is a pretty great setting to live in. We’ve got just enough of the city with the country just a short drive away. It’d be the perfect setting for a TV show too. Hollywood hasn’t caught on to Springfield’s greatness just yet, so let’s just see what would happen if some of the great TV shows on the air now were set in Springfield, Missouri.


Game Of Thrones


The story would obviously have to take place mostly in Pythian Castle.  We’re thinking Khaleesi would set up shop there. Tyrion would absolutely love the Wine Dive and Q Enoteca. Jon Snow knows nothing, so he might wanna hang out at the Library Center. Sam would probably tag along. Bran would most likely be able to tell us if the Bears would win the MVC this year. Of course, he may also just decide to keep that information to himself for no reason. It would probably be pretty safe to avoid White Walkers at Flame. The Greyjoys would be right at home on Lake Springfield and the Lannisters would be pretty comfortable staying at the fancy Hotel Vandivort.


The Walking Dead


Negan would definitely be a slugger for the Springfield Cardinals. Daryl would probably be a regular customer at Springfield Harley Davidson. We’re thinking Carol might find work at Elle’s Patisserie because of the delicious cookies she made. Shiva could make some friends at the Dickerson Park Zoo.


Stranger Things


Obviously, the Stranger Things kids would be right at home at 1984 Arcade. Steve would probably be a regular customer at Studio 417 Salon with that beautiful head of hair he’s got. If Hopper is looking for a secluded cabin, he’d have plenty to choose from at Big Cedar Lodge. We think Sean Astin’s character would have had a pretty decent time solving the Springfield Escape Room, and he would’ve been safer, too

Big Bang Theory


The entire gang would love the Discovery Center and Caveman Comics for sure. They’d almost certainly be involved with the Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science program at Missouri State University. For Thai Takeout night, they’d truly enjoy Rama Thai! Sheldon would probably reluctantly love Coach Stec and the Bears football team.




We might not have a Central Perk, but the Friends would surely love the Coffee Ethic, Mud House, Kingdom, Hebrews or a number of other awesome coffee shops in town. Joey could definitely get some acting gigs at the Springfield Little Theater. We think Monica would probably buddy up with Chef Vito and Nicola Gilardi. Phoebe’s open mic skills would be welcomed at the Outland Ballroom and she’d be a perfect fit for Wild Bob’s Musical Book Club.





Sam Malone would be right at home at Springfield Brewing Company along with the rest of the crew. Since they pretty much only hung out at the bar, that’s all we have to say about this one.




Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 3.16.10 PM

Jerry would most likely be a regular at the Blue Room Comedy Club, but he may also sell out JQH Arena too. George might be able to luck his way into a front office job with the Springfield Cardinals, as long as he doesn’t suggest cotton uniforms again. Kramer could probably get Kramerica Industries through the eFactory Cohort. Elaine would probably enjoy showing off her spastic dance moves at Ernie Biggs Piano Bar. Newman would certainly enjoy his route through the Rountree neighborhood.

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