10 People Who Put Ozark, MO on the Map This Year

December 10, 2018

For more than 127 years, the city of Ozark, Missouri has been growing. It started as town of just over 230 people and has grown to a city of nearly 20,000. It’s such a great place to raise a family and enjoy the natural beauty of the Ozarks, all while benefitting from the amenities of a mid-sized city. It’s just a short drive away from our home office in Springfield and we’ve had the pleasure of finding homes for many of the city’s residents. We wanted to share the accomplishments of some folks who’ve had big years in Ozark and have really put the city on the map!


The town of Ozark just got a little taste of Europe close to home! David Pruneau, owner, operator, and chef of the new local restaurant, Little Danube, is bringing Eastern European Tradition to his community. Drawing heavily from his own upbringing in Europe, Pruneau hopes to expand the palette of many Ozarkians. Even the unique name of his new venture has an inspiring story behind it. Its meaning derives from the second-longest river in Europe and the events in 1987 in which David’s Father fought for his freedom by fleeing an oppressive political landscape of Romania. Davids love for his homeland and the Ozarks is is clearly present at Little Danube, making him a standout individual in the community.


Voted “Missouri Boutique of the Year” with a whopping 300,000 votes in their favor, the ladies behind Two Saved Sisters Boutique are making waves in the heart of downtown Ozark. Sister Callie Grider and Chellsie Cutbirth have been small business owners since 2016. First starting as an online retailer exclusively, the sisters finally opened a brick and mortar storefront in the historic Ozark square. Callie and Chellsie strive to help women bring out their inner beauty and have truly captured their community with their positive mentality. It’s no surprise these two female entrepreneurs are recognized on a statewide level.


Some of you may have noticed the construction that began early this year on the beloved Ozark Mill. The once abandoned Ozark landmark is finally getting a well-deserved facelift courtesy of Bass Pro’s own Johnny Morris. Heading up the project, his daughter, Megan Morris, will be in charge of overseeing a two-phase development. The first phase is scheduled for completion by fall of 2019. One complete, Finley Farms will boast a fully functioning grain mill, local market, full-service restaurant, speakeasy, and more. Finley Farm’s aims to add value to Ozark as a community and pay homage to its local history in more ways than one. With Megan at the helm, we can rest assured that the Ozark Mill is in great hands!


City Administrator by day Steve Childers has worked for the Ozark community for over 13 years. Steve’s day-to-day consists of leading a team of over 100 professionals whose primary goal is to improve the quality of life for the growing population in Ozark. With his leadership, Childers and his team have recently begun work towards the idea of uniting the “micropolitan” area in and around Ozark and Nixa. An idea that will help set goals and objectives for development, combining resources of both communities to be recognized on a state-wide level.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 3.43.42 PM

Local couple Terry and Stephanie Mitchell are bringing fine dining to the historic downtown Ozark with a unique twist! Named after the local river, ‘The Finley’ will be a fine dining experience located in a re-purposed community church that was first built in 1907. The venue will offer a dining experience with a carefully crafted menu updated weekly, a speakeasy featuring local favorites, and event space for weddings and special occasions. Terry and Stephanie’s dedication to historical preservation and experience even go as far as using the original utensils and tools used in the original church in 1907. The Mitchell’s pursuit to restore local landmarks is a commendable effort and a tasty one at that!


Native Ozarkian Trenton Sederwall is representing his hometown in a big way. Sederwall, a 275 pound, 6 foot 6 lineman, announced earlier this year that he has been recruited to further his academic and football career at Mizzou later next year. Trenton’s last season saw him play both tackle and offensive guard on the Ozark Tiger’s offensive line. The future looks bright for him as he represents Ozark in his career at Mizzou.


Popular virtual assistant created by online shopping giant Amazon can now give information about Ozark, Missouri unlike any other town in the United States. An Amazon Technology Partner company has debuted this exclusive feature in collaboration with the City of Ozark, and Ozark Chamber of Commerce. Alex can now provide useful information about Ozark’s city services, locations of interest, and more. This advantage aids Ozark as a front-runner in technology in the area. If you have any of Amazon’s virtual assistants lying around at home, be sure to test it out by saying “Alexa, start City of Ozark, Missouri.”


The city of Ozark is making a major push to revitalize their downtown economy. At the forefront of this push is Jeremy Parsons, Ozark’s Public Works Director. Coined the DREAM initiative or The Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assitance for Missouri, the idea is to empower small communities in Missouri with resources to build a strong communal economy. The project is dedicated to re-establishing the downtown area around the historic Ozark square. Benefits of this project include increased property value and additional jobs and service. Together, Jeremy Parsons and numerous Ozark volunteers are paving the way for growth and success in for their town.

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