The 10 Best Places to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Near Springfield

October 25, 2017

In the spirit of Halloween and the premier of the Season 8 of local favorite The Walking Dead, we though we’d help out the citizens of Springfield by making some hypothetical suggestions on where to go if the zombie apocalypse ever happens here. It won’t, of course, but it’s a fun topic and you’d be surprised how many people have a detailed plan on how they’d survive! We’ve thought of some good ones here, but please make your suggestions on Facebook and we’ll add to the list! Happy Halloween!


Springfield Underground


This is almost a no-brainer (pun intended). The Springfield Underground is one of the most secure locations in the entire city and it would make a perfect place to hide out. It’s 100 feet below ground, so you it might take the zombie swarm a while to find it. Plus, it’s about 2.5 million square feet, which gives you plenty of room to bring a few friends.



Battlefield Mall


Malls are a classic place to hang out when the zombies attack. You’ve got plenty of resources, food and lockable gates. Plus, you can get some of your Christmas shopping done while you’re waiting!



Fed Med


If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead, you already know how effective prisons can be when fighting off hoards of the undead. Rick and company spent the better part of two seasons in one and if it wasn’t for the Governor, they’d probably still be there. At the Federal Medical Prison, you’d have plenty of security and a pretty good vantage point for approaching threats.


Missouri State Campus


We’ve got two words for you, and both of them are BEARS! Everyone knows zombies are afraid of bears.  If that’s not enough for you, climb up into Carrillon Tower. Not only will you be graced with the sweet chimes, you’ll also have the high ground.  It’s a pretty great situation.

Showboat Branson Belle


What is one of the most obvious weaknesses of zombies? They can’t swim! The Showboat Branson Belle is a perfect place to escape the undead. You will of course be safe, but you’ll also have some excellent entertainment on board. Plus, the food’s pretty good too!


Chateau Pensmore


The strongest house in Southwest Missouri would be a great place to hide out. It’s solid concrete and could withstand pretty much anything a zombie could throw at it. It’s also pretty roomy 72,000 square feet, so it’s got plenty of room. It’s a private residence though, so you’d need an invite to get in.


Bass Pro

Photo Courtesy of Springfield Conventions and Visitors Bureau

Photo Courtesy of Springfield Conventions and Visitors Bureau

This one’s pretty obvious. Of course you’d go to the largest outdoor supply store in the area! They have everything you’d need to be prepared. Just remember, camo is great for hiding from people, but zombies can smell you, so mask your scent too.  Plus, while you’re there, you can check out the amazing new exhibit, Wonder of Wildlife. Sure, zombies are going to be around trying to eat you, but this place is pretty amazing. It’s worth the risk.


Springfield Branson Airport


There’s no way TSA would let a zombie past the security check point. They’d never remember to take off their shoes. They wouldn’t raise their arms above their heads in the metal detector and they’d definitely forget their boarding passes!

Fantastic Caverns


The main appeal here is the single entry point. If you can secure the mouth of the cave, you’re golden.  Sure, you’re a little boxed in, but it’s gonna be a beautiful experience while you wait for impending doom. Fantastic Caverns lives up to its name every time. Plus, during a zombie apocalypse, you might even get to drive your own little red jeep!

The Top of Hammons Tower

photo by Murney Agent Collin Wray

photo by Murney Agent Collin Wray

The highest vantage point in the city, Hammons Tower’s roof would be a perfect spot to scope out a path to safety or to just hang out until it all blows over. Up there, the views will be incredible, too. You might not want to leave. Mostly, because of the zombies, but also because it’s pretty.





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