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Dated: January 19 2023

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There’s just nothing like a nice, hot bowl of soup to warm your soul. You can crank up the heat, throw on an extra blanket, or layer on a sweater to cut the chill, but a steamy soup warms from the inside. Soups can be easy and fun to make at home, but if you want someone else to do the honors—or want inspiration for a new recipe of your own—check out some of our favorite local bowls.

Cherry Picker’s Orange and Tomato Soup 

The orange brings the magic here. The pairing may sound odd, but these fruits have never exhibited such harmony. Cherry Picker Package and Fare’s citrus spin takes tomato soup to an otherworldly level that you simply must try. Fresh orange juice, shallots, thyme, and cream combine to make this smooth soup dreamy and delicious. It’s served with toasted bread and herbed butter, and a bowl makes a meal. Do yourself a favor and at least grab a cup to pair with one of Cherry Picker’s delightful sandwiches. The place is small, and the seats that face the window make Cherry Picker a great place to dine alone or with a friend and enjoy people-watching at this vibrant corner spot. When the weather is warm, grab a spot to dine outside. This soup is delish all year long and is truly unforgettable. 

Café Cusco’s Chupe De Rio & Chupe Grande 

If you like seafood, you’ll love the Chupe De Rio at Café Cusco. Joe Gidman’s time spent living in Peru means the menu here is authentic, and this soup evokes thoughts of sea, saltwater and Pacific sunsets. This is a crawfish stew blended to an almost-smooth consistency with tomato, onion, corn, potato, peas, and herbs that give it spice with a mild touch of heat. Trust us when we say it’s addictive. Crumbled queso fresco adds a smooth element to this spicy shellfish soup that we’re sure will be your new favorite. 

For those who really want the full seafood experience, go for the Chupe Grande. Think of it as Chupe De Rio but with chunks of seafood in all directions. In this dish, Gidman adds crawfish, shrimp and whole calamari, then tops it off with queso fresco, a fried egg, and a side of rice. Spoon some rice into this stew and you’ve got a meal to remember… and likely, leftovers.

Cesar’s Old Mexico’s Pozole 

Every day is special at Cesar’s Old Mexico, but weekends are golden with the addition of this traditional Mexican stew that’s anything but ordinary. Chunks of pork highlight this savory soup that’s full of spices and swimming with hominy. Hominy! Why on earth don’t we indulge in this fluffy corn more often? It’s perfect for soaking up the flavors around it, and it’s the hallmark of this dish that’s served two ways here. Cesar enjoys treating customers to a Pozole Verde, the green version. This is special because oftentimes diners only find a red sauce Pozole on the menu. Cesar does both to perfection, but there’s something about the green tomatillo base that’s extra special. It’s tangy, savory, and is served with traditional cabbage and onions on top, plus fresh lime for squeezing to your heart’s content. The menu bills it as “hang-over” soup because it will cure what ails ya. Not that we would know...

Jimm’s Steakhouse and Pub’s French Onion Soup 

Jimm’s on Glenstone has long been a favorite of Springfieldians on the hunt for a great steak or prime rib. The parking lot is packed day and night for good reason; it’s locally owned, the menu goes way beyond red meat, the appetizer menu is to die for, and the salad bar is what dreams are made of. 

But we digress. 

Jimm’s French Onion is a go-to for loyal customers, and if you don’t believe us, check out their Facebook page comments. Owner Jimm Swafford handcrafted this recipe that’s made fresh in-house daily, and it has all the hallmarks of the traditional French Onion including slivered onions, a rich beef burgundy broth, the sexy, stretchy provolone draping over the crock, and a toasted Holland Rusk biscuit that soaks up all the flavor. Speaking of bread, do the right thing and pair this treat with Jimm’s Four Cheese, skillet-baked garlic bread. Sop it up, people. Life’s too short to miss this treasure!

Pro tip: Read or ask about how Jimm came to own this former Steak and Ale after the Springfield mainstay abruptly shut its doors. The story will warm your heart as much as the soup.

Pappy’s Chili 

Pappy’s on Main Street is the longest-running restaurant in Springfield. It’s known for its BBQ and cold beer, and the original building is as full of personality as its latest owners, Wayne and Susan Rader. They’ve stayed true to the original recipes and have managed to turn this small space into a live music hotspot by utilizing the adjacent patio. Things are only getting better at Pappy’s with news that the Raders bought the corner building to the immediate north, and intend to transform it into Pappy’s Pub by spring, offering live music all year long. 

That said, back to the chili.

Bowls of Pappy’s chili have been served through these kitchen doors for decades. It’s thick like a hearty chili should be, with beans, onion, and a homemade chili seasoning that brings the flavor. It’s not terribly spicy, but those of us who love a kick have loads of hot sauces to pick from and they’ll bring some fresh jalapeno if asked. Served with a side of good ‘ol soda crackers, it’s just the thing to knock the chill off a cold day.

City Butcher’s Texas Red Chili 

While we’re on the subject, we can’t help but recommend a dish that’s a game-changer. Yes it’s chili, but it’s most certainly not traditional. City Butcher is known for its meats, and the Texas Red is full of it. Brisket, to be specific. Think of this as a thinner, soupy chili with mountains of meat stacked up inside. 

This is a seasonal dish that’s served as a side, but for many of us it’s about all we can handle. Crafted from chunked smoked brisket, poblano chilis, garlic, tomato paste and spices, the Texas Red is served with crackers on the side. If you’re so inclined, chefs will ramp it up with cheese and sour cream. Get this one while you can; it will disappear in the spring and actually make you look forward to next winter.

Farmers Gastropub’s Cream of Mushroom Soup 

Springfield has had an obsession with a particular Cream of Mushroom soup for as long as anyone can remember. Chef Peter Tinson crafted the recipe that was a favorite at the former Gallery Bistro downtown for years. Peter eventually landed at Farmers Gastropub when founder Bill Griffiths owned and operated it and brought the recipe with him. Funny story… the very last day Bill owned the restaurant, new owner Andy Hampshire tried the soup for the very first time and it was love at first slurp. Andy asked if he could add it to his menu, and it’s been there for seven years now. Thanks Andy, for asking, and thanks again, Peter, for this mushroom-sage goodness that we can’t get enough of. We owe you all a debt of gratitude!

Farmers Gastropub currently offers the soup by the cup or the bowl, and it’s served with garlic biscuit croutons. One taste and you’ll see why it has captured the heart of Ozarks diners for years. 

Nearly Famous Deli Tomato Soup 

Don’t let the restaurant name fool you, the Tomato Soup here truly is famous. We’re pretty sure that if proprietor Nancy Miller ever stopped serving her Deli Tomato Soup, all manner of mayhem would ensue. Why? Because this soup is perfect in its simplicity. Nothing fancy here, no show-stopping ingredients or sides… just chunky tomato-y goodness. Miller makes the soup fresh daily, and it’s served piping hot with good-sized chunks of tomato, a dinner roll and butter. What more could anyone need? Well, if you’re like us, you’ll want the Nearly Famous Salad or daily quiche special to ride along.  This soup is served all year long, and if you’re ever feeling under the weather pick up some for takeout. You can thank us later.

See there? We’ve got it good here in the Ozarks and this list could go on forever. Alas, we only have so much space – and tummy room – to accommodate a smattering of soup suggestions. There are plenty more to be had, so let us know what you’re eating this winter, whether at home or out and about. And next time you visit one of the Ozarks’ fine establishments, be sure to ask about the soup of the day. It might just be your new favorite dish!

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