10 Interior Design Trends to Consider in 2019

January 14, 2019

With a new year, comes all new interior design trends for your home. Whether you’re a professional or amateur designer, here are the 10 interior design trends to consider in 2019.


Natural Elements


This year, natural materials such as stone, granite, and concrete are coming back in a major way. Organic elements that bring the outside in are sure to bring some much-needed atmosphere to any space.


Rich Color Palettes


In 2019, designers are not straying from bolder colors and richer hues. Pronounced reds, vivid yellows, and natural greens will be mainstays in professional palettes, making muted decor pop in the home.


Brass Decor


Brass accents are coming back into our homes this year. The warm alternative to stainless steel is a great addition to any living space.


Geometric Patterns


Although not entirely new to design trends, geometric patterns are making their way into homes in bolder ways than ever before. This year’s geometric patterns are anticipated to be to utilize vibrant colors and oversized motifs.


Terrazzo Textures


Popularized in the 1940s, terrazzo textures are going to be taken to the next level in kitchens and accents around the home. The playful texture is perfect to create a hint of excitement in any space.


Curvy Designs


2019 will see the return of 1970’s inspired rounded furniture. Rounded back chairs and couches will be a great way to bring a unique retro addition to your home.


Metal Accents


Metals of all kinds will be utilized in the home this year. Gold, Blackened metals, and brass will show in decor and accents throughout interior design this year.


Art Deco


Professionals predict that the influence of the Art Deco movement will play a major role in design this year. From distinct color palettes to retro furniture silhouettes, this trend will transform any space into something to write home about.  


Artisanal Accessories


Handcrafted accessories are all the rage this year. Artisanal elements will play a major role and be the cornerstone of design. Custom woodwork and handmade decor will mark this 2019 as “year of the craftsperson.”


Black + White Furniture


This timeless trend is here to stay. With black and white furnishings you can create contrast coupled with extravagant designs and color palettes.


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