2023 Q1 Market Report

2023 Q1 Market Report

Home prices have finally started to stabilize in the Ozarks after a year of ups and downs in response to rising interest rates. Median home prices peaked alongside inflation in 2022 at $265,000, and then saw a slow and steady decline for the remainder of the year as the Fed increased lending rates to curb inflation.

Data gathered from GSBOR MLS data on 4/4/23 for Residential Properties in Greene, Christian, and Webster counties during the period January 1 – March 31, 2023.

Moving into 2023, median home prices turned upward as buyers and sellers got used to rates hovering around 5.5%—still nearly a percent lower than the 30-year historical average. With approximately 600 homes on the market in Greene, Christian, and Webster counties, we’re still well short of the needed 2000+ homes that are necessary for a balanced market. With home prices and mortgage rates stabilizing alongside a lower inventory of homes available, we’re expecting a more balanced market where both buyers and sellers have unique advantages to make their next move.

30-Year Historical Mortgage Rates Average

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30-Year Historical Median Sales Price

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