C-Street Sip & Shop

C-Street Sip & Shop

This time of year brings both joy and frustration to households all over the Ozarks. Early November means it’s firearms season, and men from every corner of the state—and a respectable number of women too—head to the woods, climb a deer stand, and keep a watchful eye for some prime venison to store for winter.

The moniker “hunting widow” gets tossed around freely because traditionally women have been left alone to enjoy an unusually quiet home, or otherwise handle kids and chores all by themselves. Fortunately here in Springfield, the good folks of Historic C-Street recognized an opportunity for gal pals everywhere to do a little hunting of their own for gifts, art, clothing, food and drink on day one of the ten-day hunting season.

..and to that, we say Bullseye!

The annual C-Street Sip & Shop Girlfriends’ Day is coming up quickly… Saturday, November 11th from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. Here’s a chance to gather your besties and spend the whole darn day on Commercial Street, taking your sweet time to browse, sample, sip, and dish to your heart’s content! And if it seems unlikely that you could spend all day there, think again. From breakfast to lunch to dinner, shoppers can move from spot to spot for as long as you’re willing to stroll.

We recommend you arrive early, because the first 100 attendees can pick up a free Sip and Shop logo mug at the C-Street City Market booth.

But wait, there’s more!

Stroll a bit further and snag a free Sip and Shop logo bag at Big Momma’s Coffee & Espresso, C-Street City Market, La Habana Vieja, Basilico Italian Café, Serendipity, Coven Collective, Mo.Loco, Van Gogh’s, White River Brewing, Cymphony’s, Pizza House, Sigwo Arms, Sunset by Freeman Home, Ruthie’s and Lindbergh’s while supplies last.

Whew! See there, you don’t even have to stroll that far to find one! Would we lead you astray? NEVER.

Still not sure you’re interested? Well, consider these fun activities and opportunities to take advantage of, and we’ll just bet you’ll be calling or texting your besties ASAP, just like we are:

  • Permanent jewelry at The Coven Collective
  • Prosecco, dessert, and specials from 2-5 at Q. Enoteca
  • Pop-up shop and Mimosa flights at White River Brewing
  • Paint by Ink drop-In painting at Gypsy Girl
  • Wine Tastings at Basilico Italian Café
  • Samples at Blue Heron Bakery
  • Sales and new product debuts at Ms. Gilmore’s Tea Room
  • Christmas ornament workshop at Sunset by Freeman Home
  • ”Special Teas” at Chabom Tea & Spices
  • Pink Elephant and coffee cocktails at Ruthie’s
  • Floral portrait workshops at Serendipity
  • Classes, tours, and demos at Sigwo Arms
  • Make and Take ornaments, keychain, or pendant at Mosaica Rose
  • Sweet Momma Espresso & Famous Brownies for $5
  • Amika Tool & Product Sale at Mo.Lo
  • Free gift w/qualified purchase at Cymphony’s

Seriously, if you and your friends are looking for an excuse to indulge in some great food, do a little day drinking, learn a new craft, and get a head start at holiday shopping, here’s your chance!

Connie Rhoades Hinds is the C-Street Merchant Director and she’s totally cool with you calling if you have questions or need more information. You can reach her at 417-830-8121 or connie@tamepetmag.com. (You can tell by her email address she’s in charge of Tame Pet Magazine, too, so if you see a woman pulling a wagon full of Pugs, that’s probably her.)

So there you have it… next weekend is yours to enjoy, either in blissful solitude or with all your BFFs in tow. Bring your appetite and an empty car trunk because we have a feeling you’re about to gain a whole new appreciation for deer season.

C-Street Sip & Shop and Girlfriends’ Day 2023 will be held from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. from one end of Historic C-Street to the other. For more information, visit http://www.historiccstreet.com.

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