The Best Places to Go 4-Wheeling and Off Roading in the Ozarks

June 6, 2018

It’s summer time in the Ozarks! We are so lucky to have the amenities of the city right in our backyards and the beauty of the Ozarks all around us. Summer is a perfect time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors! All terrain vehicles are a favorite of Ozarkers to zip around tracks, off road in the woods and feel the breeze on a hot summer day. There are tons of great places to get out and go four wheeling around Springfield. Here are a few places with designated areas for ATVs and other recreational vehicles!


350 Bohmont Road
Sparta, MO 65753
(417) 818-3555
Drive from SGF: 45 Minutes


Located in Elkhead, Soggy Bottom Motorcross Park is just a short drive from Springfield with tons to offer for thrill seekers. They have specific courses for quad riders and dirt bikers alike. There are three main tracks to run that feature a variety of terrains to keep you on your toes. There’s a 110 acre tract of land to play in. Most of the action here is for dirt bikers, but they’re welcoming to anyone who wants to come out! Fans of the park rave about the owners who are described as being super helpful and very friendly. They also have camp grounds and cabins for people on a weekend excursion. Plus, it’s really affordable! Only $20 per day per rider is a great value!


Hayes Road

Buffalo, MO 65622

(417) 345-6981

Drive from SGF: 45 Minutes
This natural terrain motocross track is about one mile long and consists of a mixture of loamy soil, sawdust and some hard packed sections, a long uphill triple and multiple table-tops. This is another track  that is just a short drive from the Queen City, about 45 minutes north in Buffalo. The course has plenty of jumps for the more experienced rider and plenty of room to practice too! It’s also just $20 per rider per day and only $3 for spectators.


5722 State Highway K
Seymour, Missouri 65746
(417) 773-4084
Drive from SGF: 40 Minutes
Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch is commonly referred to as SMORR. It’s easily one of the most popular off road tracks in the state. They have something for riders of any age and any experience level. There are a whopping 940 acres of land with tons of different terrains to play on. The only  downside is that they no longer allow 4 wheelers or dirtbikes. This area is really more for side by sides and Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs). But the plus side is that it looks like so much fun! Just take a look at some of their Facebook photos!


Photo courtesy of Rider Planet

Photo courtesy of Rider Planet

Located in the Mark Twain National Forest, Chadwick is an enormous tract of land with some really challenging trails and endless possibilities for riders. There are nearly 80 miles of trails to navigate with many different kinds of terrain. It’s also extremely cheap! Just $7 per day for riders. They also have some great deals on season passes for repeat visitors. No overnight camping is allowed at the park, but you can always grab a hotel nearby. You’re also going to need to pick up a permit to use ATVs on the premises, which you can get at the Christian County Clerk’s Office.

Possum Hollow MX Park 

713 Co Rd 1177
Everton, MO 65646
(417) 849-5242
Drive from SGF: 40 Minutes
Situated on 35 acres, Possum Hollow is a great track for all experience levels just 40 minutes away from Springfield. The track itself is roughly 1 1/4 miles in length. The grounds feature a creek that kids can enjoy in the summer time. There is both open and shaded parking, bathrooms and places to camp at is no charge.

Brick’s Off Road Park

County Road 484
Poplar Bluff, MO
(573) 718-7388
Drive from SGF: 3 Hours
Brick’s is a haul from Springfield at more than three hours away, but it’s worth it if you love offroading. Originally a farm, The Bricknell family changed their land into a wheelin’ heaven for all to enjoy back in 2006. The area is open to any type of vehicle from ATVs to dirt bikes and even the big rigs like trucks and SUVs looking for a challenging terrain. Brick’s is far more than just an offroading track. It’s a place to have fun. Large groups of folks hang out there and create memories they;ll never forget. If you’re curious about this one, visit their site for more information.

Cloud 9 Ranch

2810 Cloud 9 Dr
Caulfield, Missouri 65626
(417) 284-7321
Drive from SGF: 2 Hours
Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 4.45.04 PM
Cloud Nine Ranch is the ultimate family destination for lovers of four wheelin’, fishin’, campin’ and just havin’ fun. In addition to the 150 miles of ATV trails, Cloud Nine is a member owned ranch that is tailor made for families who love the outdoors. The land there is beautiful, featuring waterfalls, rolling hills, lush forests and so much more. It’s perfect for a weekend trip or even a vacation. Membership is required, though, unless you’re invited by an existing member. For more information, visit their site!

Cooper Creek ATV Area

15968 Truman Road

Warsaw, MO

(660) 438-7317

Drive from SGF: 1.5 Hours

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 4.47.54 PM

This 400 acre tract of land is currently managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers and is completely free to use. It’s the only area on Truman Lake that allows ATV and dirt bike use, but not any other kind of off road vehicle. There are tons of open hills, established trails and open riding areas. It’s a bit of a drive from Springfield, but it’s a great setting by the water and has a lot to offer riders!


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