A Baker’s Dozen of the Best Bakeries in Springfield

June 5, 2019

Sometimes you’ve just gotta treat yourself and what better way to do it than with a delightful pastry or some freshly baked bread? Fans of the finer side of baking are in luck in Springfield because there are so many options to choose from depending on what you’re looking for. We’ve got some very skilled bakers that could all get the infamous Paul Hollywood handshake. Let’s take a look at 13 of the best!

Neighbor’s Mill

1435 East Independence, Suite 11

1301 E Sunshine St.

Aside from being an awesome place for breakfast and lunch, Neighbor’s Mill is a formidable bakery. They make all their own bread fresh daily. Got a specific kind of bread in mind? No problem. They literally make dozens of breads. They’ve got everything from dinner rolls challah-peno and plenty more. Plus, they make awesome cookies, brownies and other sweets. We highly recommend the strawberry cookies!

Supreme Kringle Bakery

3314 S National Ave

Attention kringle fans! Supreme Bakery has to be in the conversation for best place to get a kringle in town. Their fans rave about the fruit filled pastry with icing and it does look  pretty darn good right about now. Supreme also makes cakes, buns, pastries and pretty much everything else you can think of.

European Cafe

207 Park Central E

If you’re on a binge of watching the Great British Bake Off, European Cafe might be the best place to go. They do all the challenges featured on the show everyday, cranking out petit fours, creme brulee tarts, macarons and lots more. The bakers at Eurpoean Cafe are always studying new recipes and experimenting with flavors and new items, so it’s a good bet you’ll see something new each time you visit them in Downtown Springfield.

The Artisan’s Oven

206 E Commercial St


It has been said that there’s something for everyone on Commercial Street. By us, right now. If you’re looking for a kick butt bakery in central Springfield, you gotta try the Artisan’s Oven. If the charming storefront isn’t enough to draw you in, the sweet smells of pretzel buns, meat pies and of course rye loaves will. It doubles as an eat – in restaurant for breakfast and lunch too, so you can scoot on over there for a delicious sandwich, pastry or soup.

The Urban Cup

1952 E Grand St

Go ahead try to act like that doesn’t look amazing. We’ll wait.










Ok, now that we’re on the same page, The Urban Cup is famous for its cupcakes. It’s in the name after all. Just to paint a picture for you, the above cupped cake is for the chocoholic in us all. It’s a chocolate cake with a creamy buttercream topping and it’s filled with a smooth chocolate mousse. That’s the kind of thinking that goes into everything they do. They don’t do ordinary. They do top shelf cupcakes like no one else.

Breadsmith of Springfield

3305 South Campbell, Suite C

Breadsmith is an old school bakery that doesn’t fix what isn’t broken. They use old world recipes and techniques and time honored traditions in baking to arrive at masterfully baked loaves. Originally started in Whitefish bay, Wisconsin, BReadsmith now has dozens of location across the midwest and peppered throughout the United States. If you’re looking for a consistent, traditional bake, this is the spot.


1108 E Walnut St

For ten years, Amycakes has been gracing Historic Walnut Street with the delightful scents of cakes baking. It’s a family-owned local shop through and through, but it produces cakes and cupcakes that are world class. It’s the perfect place to get a wedding cake. They can do basically anything you can think of and leave people talking about it for years!


3107 South Campbell


Starcakes Bakery is known for its ability to create showstopper quality cakes for any occasion. Their attention to detail and creative vision for their bakes shines through in so many of their projects. Their fans rave about the customer service they provide as well.

Tea Bar & Bites Bakery and Café

621 S Pickwick Ave

One of the cleverest and cutest places to eat in town, Tea Bar and Bites never fails to impress. Sure it’s a great place for brunch and other meals but it’s also a very adept bakery. They have fun with their bakes, styling some pastries after classic store-bought pop tarts, although they taste much better and feature ingredients like fresh lavender. Each time you pop in, you’ll see a new treat near the registers. Don’t miss out!

Prairie Pie


If you’re looking for the best homemade pies in Springfield, look no further! Eleanor Taylor of Prairie Pie makes the most delicious pies around–you can find them at places like Druff’s and Cherry Picker Package and Fare right now. She also arranges for orders to be delivered if that’s more of your style! Check out her instagram below to see a variety of the mouthwatering desserts.

B + B Boulangerie & Bakery

607 S Pickwick Ave

This Rountree Bakery doubles as a crafty bakery and a venue for a variety of cooking classes. They have a track record for making timely treats like their immolating dragon eggs for the finale of Game of Thrones and their current promotion of pride cookies. They also make a mean Bavarian Pretzel, a shiny macaron and plenty more. The classes are themed by regions of the world like Paris, South Africa and Greek cuisines. So much to offer!

Beth’s Bake Shoppe and Tea Room

1645 W Republic Rd
Beth’s does a little bit of everything. They have a delightful lunch menu with a fine selection of sandwiches and salads. They can do basically any kind of cake you can put your mind to. And, they make a mean cookie as well!

Leslie’s Mexican Supermarket

216 S Glenstone Ave

Leslie’s Mexican Supermarket is a powerhouse of flavor. In addition to having a full bakery, they have fresh produce, lunch options and plenty more. The bakery whips up Mexican delicacies like pan dolce, bunuelos and of course, some delicious churros!

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