Springfield’s Ultimate Brunch Bucket List

August 24, 2016

Want to have some amazing breakfast without getting up early? Then the Springfield brunch scene is definitely up your alley.  Brunch is a great way to kick off a fantastic weekend and there’s no shortage of awesome places to get some late morning breakfast-lunch hybrid meals in the Queen City.




Try an Omelette at Early Bird Breakfast Pub

The menu at the Early Bird Breakfast pub is chocked full of amazingly unique dishes.  Their omelette menu features nine different feature combinations and the option to make your own. If you’re looking for something different, try the Gus Gus.  It’s a 3-egg omelette with ham, asparagus, roasted red pepper, hollandaise and feta.






Get a Big Breakfast at Anton’s

A real throwback to the diners of the 1950s, Anton’s has been in Springfield for many years.  It features dozens of items on its expansive menu.  Eggs, bacon, hash browns, Bs & Gs, coffee, whatever you’re looking for, Anton’s has it.  Just don’t bring a credit card.  They’re straight cash, homie.



 Try the Crepes at The Aviary Cafe

When it comes to crepes in Springfield, there’s only one place you need to know.  The Aviary serves both sweet and savory crepes and you can’t go wrong either way! You can get a crepe with steak or one with mascarpone and fresh fruit! Here’s plenty to choose from. If you love crepes, the Aviary will soon become one of your favorite brunch spots in the city!





Photo courtesy of the Springfield, MO Convention and Visitors Bureau

Have some glorious pancakes at Gailey’s

Big, fluffy pancakes are one of the best things to get at Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe.  This place is a throwback to another era.  Gailey’s has a wide variety of delicious breakfast foods.  One thing is for sure if you get the pancakes, you won’t be leaving hungry!

Photo courtesy of the Springfield, MO Convention and Visitors Bureau






photo by Feast Magazine

Devour some Waffles at Civil Kitchen

You might say we kind of have a food crush on Civil Kitchen.  They’ve been featured in several of our articles this year.  Despite being in these articles, we haven’t praised their incredible waffles yet! If you’re a waffle connoisseur, Civil is a must eat destination.  The Hot Brown waffle got some sweet press already, so we’re suggesting the Hella Nutella waffle.  It oozes creamy hazelnut butter and is topped with powdered sugar and syrup.  So good!

photo by Feast Magazine




photo by Feast Magazine

Munch up some Legacy Bagels

There’s plenty of national chain stores to pick up a bagel, but none of them compare to Springfield’s own Legacy Bagelry.  All organic, non-GMO ingredients are used to make every bagel at Legacy.  They also have some incredible cream cheese that is also made in house!

photo by Feast Magazine







Have a quiche at Tea Bar and Bites

This unique little gem in the heart of the city is a wonderful place for some finely crafted, fresh brunches that you can’t find anywhere else.  Tea Bar & Bites typically has a quiche of the day.  Whatever it is on the day you visit, we recommend it.  The maestros at Tea bar have found the perfect balance of the quiche.  A crispy, flaky crust and a fluffy, flavorful center.



You’ll be hitting yourself if you don’t try a Hurts Donut

Hurt’s donuts are kinda getting famous.  Nationally.  Their eclectic variety of weird donuts has really captured the heart of the foodies in Springfield. For reference, a video of Hurts donut co-founder Kas Clegg doing laundry has more than 7.8 million views on Facebook.  These folks are pastry royalty.


Hurts features more than 70 different donut varieties. Seventy! So you can imagine how difficult it is to choose just one for this bucket list.  So, we’re not going to.  Try lots of them.  They’re all amazing.

Photo by Feast Magazine



_gastropubOi, have the English Breakfast at Farmer’s Gastropub, Mate.

Eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, baked beans, mushrooms.  Now that’s a right proper English breakfast.  Farmer’s Gastropub is the best place in town to grab an authentic meal from our friends across the pond.  Go on a weekend and find your inner hooligan during a British Premier League match for extra fun.










Jam out on the biscuit bar at Metro Farmer

It’s like a buffet for biscuits.  There’s a wide variety of jams and butters and other biscuits buddies at Metro Farmer during brunch.  As far as we know, this is the only biscuit bar in town, and it’s from Metro Farmer, so you know it’s going to be locally sourced ingredients and of course it’ll be fantastically scrumptious.

photo by the Springfield News-Leader




Put on your Sunday best and Have a Classy Breakfast Hemingway’s

Hemingway’s is a mainstay in the Springfield breakfast/brunch scene.  It’s buffet is a living legend in Springfield and it features some of the finest meals you can find in the city.  Every Sunday, Hemingway’s does brunch from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Be sure to check this one off your list!

Photo courtesy of the Springfield, MO Convention and Visitors Bureau



Put on your sweat pants and feast on the biscuits and gravy at Cedar’s

One of the joints our boy Brad Pitt likes to hang out when he’s in town, Cedar’s is the place to go if you’re in the mood for a gut-busting serving of the staple of everyone’s favorite breakfast item: biscuits and gravy. Dress comfy and come hungry!







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