10 HUGE Attractions Coming Soon to Branson

March 14, 2019

Our neighbor to the south has been busy lately. So many new things are coming to Branson this year and in years to come! It’s a very exciting time for the city and its’ Springfield fans. So buckle up and get ready for some huge attractions coming to the Branson area this year!

Payne’s Valley Golf Course

ETA: 2019

Tiger Woods is coming. His development company TGR Design will be launching its first project in the United States near Branson sometime this year. It’s named after legendary Springfieldian and PGA champion Payne Stewart. The course is said to be championship caliber, but also family friendly. If you want to see a rendering of the course, just click here!

Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen

ETA: Late Spring

The FoodNetwork star and her family are planning to open one of their franchises on the Landing in 2019. The restaurant focuses on Deen’s signature style of Old South country cooking. With “endless portions,” you’ll be able to eat comfort food until you’re really uncomfortable, or at least just ready for a long nap. It’ll be stationed next to the Black Oak Grill in a 19,000 square foot space, according to the Springfield News-Leader. Plenty of room to stop into the storefront that will be onsite as well and pickup some of Deen’s cooking supplies!

National Enquirer Live

ETA: Summer


If juicy gossip is your thing, you’re probably gonna want to see what springs up in the old Starlight Theater this summer. The country’s most popular tabloid is bringing a huge $10 million interactive experience to the 76 strip. All the biggest stories from the Enquirer’s history will be on display. You’ll be able to explore the JFK conspiracy, hear the buzz on the Royal Family and probably plenty of what’s going on in the world today.

Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud

ETA: Sometime in 2019

Be a part of the longest feud in history, all while enjoying a scrumptious Southern meal in this new attraction. As you might expect, it’s far more than just dinner. The show will be a combination of dancing, singing, comedy and plenty more while telling the tale of the oldest rivalry in the west!


ETA: Fall

Taking over at the old Baldknobbers theater, WonderWorks willbe a science-themed amusement park for adults and kids alike!For the folks who love Springfield’s Discovery Center, this will be a treat. Just a few of the exhibits planned are: making life-size bubbles, experiencing 71-mph winds of a hurricane and experiencing zero gravity in an astronaut training area! Sounds fun!

Silver Dollar City’s Year of Shows and Festivals

ETA: All year

Now you might be thinking “Every year is a year of shows and festivals at Silver Dollar City,” and you’d be technically correct. But the shows this year are newer and bigger than ever before. Staarting in April, you can check out the Festival of Wonder featuring shows like Phoenix Fire, Harp Extreme and all-new acts in CirqUnique! There’s also Bluegrass nights, Kid Magic shows, Lumberjack shows and the brand new $1 million Reuben’s Swashbuckling Adventure starting in June. It’s not just another year at SDC!

Cinderella on Ice

ETA: Summer

A reimagined telling of the American classic Cinderella will be coming to the Andy Williams Center for Performing Arts, but this time it’ll be on ice! The show will feature alums from both America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent along with many other skilled performers. Osmond Productions says it will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the Ozarks before!

Vicki Lawrence and Mama

ETA: May 12

Legendary comedian, singer and actor Vicki Lawrence will be bringing her “two-woman” show to Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater this May. She’ll relive the amazing arcs of her career in show business as both herself and as her most famous character, Mama. Two for the price of one!

Howie Mandel

ETA: May 3rd

Fans of Deal or No Deal and America’s Got Talent are in for a real treat this May. Howie Mandel is coming in for one night only to perform at the Lawrence Welk Resort. Fans of Mandel know he started out as a standup comedian and moved to write, act and provide voices to some of the most iconic characters of the 80s and 90s. Now he’s getting back to his roots with his latest tour.

Landshark Bar & Grill


Ok, so this one isn’t coming soon, it’s already here! But hopefully all you Parrotheads are coming in soon to enjoy this new nautical spot on the Landing from Jimmy Buffett. There are shades of Margaritaville, but the Landshark Bar & grill is its own experience. You can get all your favorite American classics and of course, a pretty darn good Marg from south of the border!

Bonus: Coming in 2020


After the smash hit Samson, BRanson is bringing another Bible story to life. Noah will be flooding Branson in 2020 for one season only!

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