5 Ways to Get Almost Any Food Delivered in Springfield

February 28, 2019

It’s been a long week. You’re tired. Maybe you forgot to get a few things at the store. The sweats or PJs are already on. It’s chow time and you just don’t want to cook or leave the house. Pizza isn’t the only option any more! Several food delivery apps have become very popular in Springfield and scores of Springfield restaurants are partnering up with these apps to make sure you can keep those PJs on and get a tasty meal delivered right to your door. Let’s take a look at your options.


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One of the most widely used ride hail apps in the world also delivers food in Springfield. With 70 participating restaurants, UberEats has a huge variety of food choices for you and a speedy turnaround. It also has a robust customization feature to offer you the exact meal you’re looking for.

Booking fee: $5-$7

Check out which restaurants are on UberEats!


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GrubHub was founded in 2004, but didn’t start working with restaurants without a delivery service until 2014. Since then, they’ve become one of the largest apps in the food delivery space. One unique thing about GrubHub is the planning feature which allows you to schedule meals to be delivered in the future. You can plan out your whole week with just a few clicks and save some time in the process!

Booking fee: Free

Check out which restaurants are on GrubHub!


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DoorDash is a relatively new app service in Springfield, but it doesn’t lack where it counts. They have great Springfield restaurants like Black Market Smoke House, Zayka, St. George’s Donuts and tons more! Based on our research, they likely have the most locally owned restaurants, which puts them pretty high on our list!

Booking fee: Free – $7

Check out which restaurants are on DoorDash!


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With Seamless, you can be sure to pick up your favorite dishes from many different chain restaurants. They do have a handful of local participants, but they’re a little limited there. If you’re looking for a good way to get some late night Taco Bell when you shouldn’t be driving, Seamless can help!

Booking fee: Free – $7

Check out which restaurants are on Seamless!


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Postmates has a good blend of national chains and local faves, but they have one thing most other services don’t. They’ll deliver stuff other than food! Need some dog food? No problem. Need a tube of toothpaste from Walgreens? They got you. Just about anything you need, Postmates can bring it right to your door.

Booking fee: Free – $7


Check out which restaurants are on Postmates!

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