15 Times Being in the Dog House Was a Good Thing

July 22, 2016

We’re big fans of dogs here.  They’re much more than just pets.  They’re members of our families.  They’re our best friends.  And some of them get a little bit spoiled.  Since we’re in the business of helping people find homes, we thought it would be fun to share where some of our furry friends hang their hats.  Some of these doghouses are just plain ridiculous, but all of them are pretty neat to look at.  Here are 15 Times Being in the DogHouse Was a Good Thing.


#1 Lake House


Photo: http://www.houzz.com/photos/landscape/query/dog

This little elevated doghouse has a sweet deck, a nice little walk way to the house and you can’t beat that view! It’s almost too good to be true. Just kick up your paws and take in the beauty!

#2 The Modern Doghouse


Photo: http://www.animalslook.com/cubix-modern-dog-house/

Does your dog love kale and indie films? This one might be the ticket! A sleek, minimal home for the only the most sophisticated of pooches.

 #3 The Farmhouse


Photo: http://petsfans.com/its-the-most-stunning-luxury-dogs-houses-ever/

Some of these furry guys have it better than we do. This dog friendly farmhouse is complete with surrounding tulips and easy access to the rooftop patio. And yeah, we’re pretty sure those windows have blinds on them!

#4 The Spanish Villa


Photo: http://guff.com/the-coolest-dog-houses-you-will-ever-see

This red clay roofed doghouse mansion is only for the fanciest of pooches. Terra Cotta floors? Check. Flower boxes? Check. Incredible view? Check.

#5 The Eco-Friendly Dog Trailer


Photo: http://www.curbed.com/2014/9/8/10050268/heres-the-micro-airstream-trailer-your-dogs-been-begging-for

This dog trailer design was envisioned by Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs Inc. These hip doghouses are made from environmentally-friendly materials, including recyclable aluminum, plywood and plastic. Also making your pet 100% more instagrammable.

#6 Bone Sweet Bone


Photo: http://petsfans.com/its-the-most-stunning-luxury-dogs-houses-ever/

As if cut out paw and bone windows weren’t enough, this dog house comes with a roof lounging area. Your pooch will have a comfy place to sunbathe when he’s dog gone tired.

#7 The Minimalist


Photo: http://www.fastcoexist.com/3048662/why-wouldnt-your-dog-also-want-a-high-design-house

This dog abode is designed to appeal to humans as well as pets. Built in food and water bowls and a floating roof for good circulation make for a happy pup. Not to mention the cool and sleek design.

#8 The Celebrity Doghouse


Photo: http://petsfans.com/its-the-most-stunning-luxury-dogs-houses-ever/

This luxury doghouse belongs to Paris Hilton’s pup. It boasts 300 square feet near her house in Beverly Hills, complete with a black chandelier. Celebrity pets have it made.

#9 The Pool House


Photo: http://petsfans.com/its-the-most-stunning-luxury-dogs-houses-ever/

Life isn’t so ruff when you’ve got a bone shaped pool to go with your quaint dog house. Whoever created this plan was definitely thinking, because it doubles as the perfect place to give your dog a bath!

#10 The Mini Me


Photo: http://photos.hgtv.com/photo/back-yard-patio-and-dog-house-

If you love the design of your own house, why not make one for your dog too?

#11 The Luxury House


Photo: http://www.realpropertyalpha.com/2016/dog-house-plans-diy-inspired-for-diy-design-ideas/

This would be the perfect place for a politician’s pup. We’re definitely voting yes to this doghouse.

#12 The Taj Mahal


Photo: http://petsfans.com/its-the-most-stunning-luxury-dogs-houses-ever/

Now THIS is intense. You’ve got to commit if you’re replicating the Taj Mahal for your pooch to dwell in.

#13 The Innovator


Photo: http://www.topdreamer.com/ultimate-luxurious-dog-houses/

A side table that doubles as a doghouse? Talk about innovative! Not to mention you’re saving some space from using a bulky indoor doghouse. And your pup can be right next to you while you’re sleeping. See also: best spot to hide when playing hide and seek.

#14 The Princess


Photo: http://www.topdreamer.com/ultimate-luxurious-dog-houses/

We all know our dogs are the boss of the house. This puppy castle is fit for a king (or queen) of the backyard!

#15 Dog Log Cabin


Photo: http://patscolor.com/outdoors/patio-garden/41-cool-luxury-dog-houses-for-your-pooch/

This cool log cabin style doghouse is perfect, complete with a cats welcome detail above the door. Probably so Fido can chase them all away.

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