8 Awesome Local Facebook Groups Besides The (Now Famous) Table Rock Group

February 5, 2020

It was so cool to see some love for the Ozarks in this year’s Super Bowl! The Table Rock Lake Group was made instantly famous by the Facebook commercial during the game. That got us thinking about all the other cool groups there are on Facebook here in the Ozarks. Let’s take a look at some of them and as always, please tell us about your favorite local group in the comments on Facebook or Twitter!


Love My Ozarks

Members: 84,469


photo by Casey Alvarez

This group is the perfect place for Ozarks appreciation. Its’ member share photos of nature, wildlife, history and so much more. Plus, it has strict rules that keep it just to the good stuff, so you don’t have to worry about seeing arguments or ads, just good old fashioned love for our beautiful community. It’s a public group too, so you can feel free to join any time! It’s a very active group too, so there’s always a cool new photo or video each time you check in.


Lost and Found Pets of Springfield

Members: 11,389


Losing track of your pet is so stressful. Before the internet, you could really only rely on your pet’s collar to give your information out to people who might find them. Those days are gone with Facebook groups. This group is full of people who’ve misplaced pets and even more full of compassionate folks who find them and get them back home where they belong!


Springfield, Missouri History, Landmarks & Vintage photography

Members: 20,627
Local historian and Murney Agent Richard Crabtree created this group to share his love of historical photos, events and life in the Ozarks. Rich provides some great insights into the memorable things of Springfield’s past as do many of the other members of the group. If you’re a big fan of knowing your roots, this is the group for you!


No, the name of the group is not grammatically correct and that’s been discussed many times in the history of this popular Facebook group. It was corrected for the image above but remains incorrect in the title, which drives some folks nuts and makes others laugh. The purpose of the group, however, s just to talk to locals. People ask for recommendations, ask for help remembering things about our community, post memes and plenty more. It’s a private group to join and be sure you read the rules before posting!


Ozarks Alive: Folklore and History

Members: 6,066


This group was created by the author behind the Ozarks Alive blog, a super fun local history archive that aims to tell the stories of our past through people’s experiences and the things they left behind. Kaitlyn McConnell creates lots of the content in the group from her website OzarksAlive.com, but plenty of other folks also get in on sharing their memories, photos and more!


417 Car Spotters

Members · 10,155


Gearheads unite! This awesome group is simply to share photos of cool cars spotted in the 417. If you love seeing the mot unique automobiles in the area, this is the group for you!

Missouri Native Plant Society

Members: 20,172


If you’ve got a green thumb, you really need to check this group. It’s actually put on by a local non-profit that aims to appreciate, preserve and explore local fauna. People in the group take photos of things they see, discuss gardening techniques, and ask questions about difficulties they’re experiencing from experts in the group.


InhabitSGF – Discover the Best of Springfield, Missouri

Members: 1,490

We had to put our own group on here too! InhabitSGF was created to share the good news about Springfield. If you’ve got a good idea for the city, a favorite new restaurant, an event to share or any number of other things about the current state of the city, feel free to share away! We’ll also created polls, give high fives to folks who are doing great stuff in our community and plenty more!

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