10 Places with Delicious Guac in the Ozarks

May 28, 2018

Is there anything better than the creamy, smooth flavor of a good guacamole on a crispy tortilla chip? For some, guac is more than just something they like to eat, it’s a passion, a quest to find the very best guac on the face of the earth. For others, guac is gross. This is not for those people. The Greater Springfield area has tons of great Mexican food and plenty more that nod to the cuisine from south of the border. We took a look at some of the best places to find a scrumptious guac in the Ozarks.

Tinga Tacos


Although they’re known for their tasty little street tacos with unique flavors and ingredients, Tinga makes one heck of a guacamole too! It’s a perfect compliment to a few Crushers or Udder Delights! The guac has just the right amount of chunkiness and a smooth texture. What really helps set this guac apart is the vehicle used to get it in your mouth. Tinga uses authentic tortillas to make their chips and they’re coated in a slightly spicy rub that would be good even without the guac, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t order it. You totally should.

Leslie’s Mexican Cafe & Bakery

Highlights info row image 1915 S Glenstone Ave
Highlights info row image (417) 888-0557

Leslie’s is a favorite spot for downtowners for its authentic Mexican/El Salvadorian flavors. Another reason is their philosophy that everyday is Taco Tuesday. With that winning mentality, nothing can stop them! In addition to having some seriously good guac, they’re also a bakery and a grocery store! So you can get a lot done in one place.

La Paloma

Highlights info row image 3014 E Sunshine St

Highlights info row image (417) 719-4484

If you’re into fresh guacamole made tableside at a fantastic Mexican restaurant, La Paloma is one of the best in town. Eating here is such a great experience. The chalk art in the restaurant is amazing, the staff is super friendly and the menu is a robust cornucopia of authentic flavors!

Jose Locos

Highlights info row image 300 E Battlefield St
Highlights info row image (417) 885-9097

Whether you’re looking for some high end Mexican cuisine or just some simple tacos and burritos, Jose Locos is a great spot. They finished in the top 3 in 417 Magazine’s 2018 Best Of issue, which is determined by the readers of the magazine. They also do tableside guac and it is awesome. That’s not the only tableside dish they do, though. They also do tableside flaming cheese!

Cantina Laredo

Highlights info row image 4109 S National Ave
Highlights info row image (417) 881-7200

Cantina Laredo got locally famous for its location in Branson, but the Springfield location is catching up. They do genuine cuisine rooted in Mexico City, but they add a modern flair to everything they do. When you think of tableside guac, you probably think of them first. They made it really popular in Branson and brought the technique to Springfield. So good!

Great American Taco Company

Highlights info row image 2915 E Battlefield St
Highlights info row image (417) 315-8745

While Great American Taco is known for its Southwestern take on its namesake, sauces and dips are a big part of their brand. They make a variety of salsas in house that go great with their food and are for sale to take home for use in your own cooking too. When it comes to Guac, nobody in town has more options than Great American Taco. They have a whole section of the menu devoted to it. They offer 5 different guacamoles from different subcultures near the border. Styles from New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California, Texas and a traditional Mexican option are all present, giving you a different flavor choice every time you come in.

Iguana Roja

Highlights info row image 107 W Church St (Ozark)
Highlights info row image(417) 485-8585
Iguana Roja has fans. People who have been to the Ozark restaurant usually leave raving about how good it is. For good reason too. They have some celebrated margaritas, an eclectic menu with unique dishes and of course, some amazing guacamole. If you live in Springfield, it’s a little bit of a drive, but we promise it’s worth it! Just look at that guac!

Tortilleria Perches

Highlights info row image 1601 W Sunshine St
Highlights info row image (417) 864-8195

Tortilleria Perches is located in the Elfindale Center off of west Sunshine. Locally owned and operated, fresh tortillas and chips are made everyday from their giant tortilla machine and are sold to other stores and restaurants. Tortilleria Perches is also part store, so they sell Mexican candies, spices, pinatas and sodas as well. They have Taco Tuesdays, where you can get a homemade taco for 99 cents with your choice of meat. Some things you should definitely try include the barbacoa burrito, fish tacos and the guacamole, which is made in house!

Frida Mexican Cuisine and Bar

Highlights info row image 1410 E. Republic Rd.
Highlights info row image (417) 886-8010

One of the newest Mexican restaurants in town, Frida has one big factor that sets it apart from the rest: a 40-dish fine dining buffet. They also have a wide selection of spirits and mixed drinks that make it a great spot for a weekend date night. It also means the guac is in heavy supply!

Mexican Villa

Highlights info row image 1408 S National Ave
Highlights info row image(417) 869-4459
Of course Springfield’s favorite Mexican restaurant makes the list! They’ve been in business in Springfield for 66 years and they’re still going strong. They have seven locations strewn about in the Ozarks and each one serves up their delicious dishes, including guac! What sets it apart is the spice blend that is sprinkled on top. It gives you a fresh, smooth texture with a little punch in every bite!

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