6 Simple Holiday Decorating Tips

December 7, 2016

Coats button a little tighter, the heat is turned up little by little, the hope of a snow day grows more and more, and the calendar finally shows December! Time to unbox the Christmas decor and give your home some holiday style in a flash. If you’ve found yourself hanging your stockings in the middle of December, here are some super simple holiday decorating tips that anyone can do.


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Make Creative Wreaths

Wintery holiday wreaths can be made from anything– green leaves, bare branches, citrus fruits, pinecones, (perhaps even spray painting the pine cones white for a snowy effect!) This holiday decor idea can be as simple as buying a wreath and tying your favorite ornaments all over it.



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Hang Some Greenery

Lush greenery draped around the house, especially in doorways and on staircases, creates an inviting atmosphere and a woodsy aroma! What better time to deck the halls (literally) with these beautiful greens? It’s difficult to overdo it on that classic winter decoration. Add some visual interest by weaving in pinecones, thick bows of ribbon, or bright seasonal berries.



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Use Festive Signage

If you want to do something different this year, think signage! Modern, bright and minimal signs can be used in many ways to get into the holiday spirit. Play up your home’s unique style with a conversation starter–maybe a sign with a quote from your favorite holiday movie on it.



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Branch Out

When decorating, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. You don’t have to stick to the traditional red and green for your decor if that’s not how you roll. The trick to making your holiday decor feel like home is by injecting your personal style into the details!



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Decorate with Dessert

Whether it’s setting out a plate of cookies, a cute handcrafted gingerbread house, or glassware filled with peppermint candies, holiday desserts can make quick centerpieces and party favors. Try hanging candy canes from your tree, or making time for a family gingerbread house making night. Plus, they’ll all make the house smell wonderful!



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Incorporate Family Heirlooms

Maybe you have a few pieces of decor that’ve been passed down through generations and your family won’t let you live it down if they’re not out this year. Or maybe your dining room is full of treasured heirlooms. Either way, fear not! Try moving a few pieces to new locations in the house–over the mantle, in the entryway or as a styled centerpiece. You may end up liking the new location and decide to keep it that way.


How do you decorate for the holidays? Let us know some of your favorite traditions!

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