Meet Springfield’s Instagram Celebrities

April 9, 2018

There are so many talented people in Springfield sharing new ideas, unique perspectives and simply cool stuff. Instagram is a place for ordinary people to share a part of themselves with the rest of the world. A few people from our city have made quite an impression on the social network and have built up some impressive follower counts as a result. Just incase you don’t know them yet, we thought we’d share a handful of Springfield most popular Instagrammers with you!


Emma Chapman & Elsie Larson

@emmaredvelvet, @elsielarson, @abeautifulmess

Followers: A lot (595K on ABM, 336K for Elsie, 57.4K for Emma)


The two minds behind the smash hit blog A Beautiful Mess, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman are both from Springfield originally as are many of the staff members of the company they operate of the same name. Their team are masters of color, design and style. You can see the level of talent the moment you land on one of their posts. A Beautiful Mess is about more than just photos, though. They share amazing recipes, tips on interior design and fashion and plenty more. Their blog is a perfect place to seek out inspiration for your home, your wardrobe and your kitchen!


Katie Shelton


Followers: 73.6K


Katie Shelton is one of those people who is good at everything. She’s a successful blogger, a skilled photographer, an established musician (she’s the lead singer of the hit Springfield band, The Mixtapes), a fashion influencer, and plenty more. Her following on Instagram is highly influenced by her willingness to share these talents with the world. Her followers can expect to see insights and wisdom on a plethora of topics accompanied by some great visuals from her life.


Mike and Patti Brown of Simply Inspired


Followers: 64.1K


We absolutely can’t get enough of Simply Inspired! Mike and Patti Brown fabricate their own custom designs for unforgettable home decor. They use a modern farmhouse style in their pieces that fits perfectly in nearly any home and will definitely be the thing people leave your house thinking about. One of the first things you’ll notice is the chic grace present in each photo posted on their account. They share a ton of custom projects and they’ll happily do one for you too!

If you’d like to check out some of their work, you can find it in their Etsy shop or on Instagram and Facebook!



Nicole Capurso


Followers: 71.6K


Health and fitness enthusiasts in Springfield probably already know who Nicole Capurso is. She is a prolific CrossFit athlete, having competed in dozens of events including the 2016 CrossFit Games.  She also owns a nutrition company called Honor Your Nutrition and a gym called Honor Your Barbell in Springfield. Capurso is known for her unique approach to fitness. She once penned an article called “How Donuts Gave Me Abs” that went viral several times over and helped spread her name amongst the fitness world. She shares photos from her competitions as well as tips for nutrition and exercise technique.

Rachel Denbow


Followers: 50.1k


Makers gonna make. That’s the short version of why Rachel Denbow pursues her interest in DIY woven art. The longer version is that she’s been a creator of things since she was able to hold a glue stick and she maintained that interest for her whole life. In addition to being a creator and artist, Denbow is also a teacher. She shares step by step processes for the things she makes so that others can follow along have the same rewarding experience she has when she makes her art. A great follow for DIY home decor enthusiasts and lovers of handcrafted art.

Tim Shelburn


Followers: 46.1K


Tim Shelburn really likes meat. So much so that he owns a full body sweat suit with different cuts of meat printed all over it. Tim’s prowess in front of a grill is only matched by his fun-loving style on Instagram. He shares techniques, equipment and spices that he uses to create masterful barbecued food. If you’re an aspiring grillmaster yourself, Tim is a must follow for the best photos and advice on delicious meats.

Wrigley and Theo


Followers: 33.5K


Baseball fans will surely recognize the significance of these two Golden Doodles’ names. Yes, their owners are Cubs fans. We’ll forgive them for that because their dogs are so adorable. Named for the home field of the Cubs and their General Manager Theo Epstein, Wrigley and Theo got their start on Instagram pretty much right away. Stacy Hereen had always been interested in photography and when she brought home her two new pups, she knew she had some great subjects for her passion.

“People love seeing a couple of Doodle brothers acting silly, dressing up as humans, and having a good time everyday,” says Hereen, “The adventures are always new.”
Aside from the whole Cubs thing, this account is a must follow for Springfield dog lovers. Wrigley and Theo are adorable and Hereen has a great eye and a creative mind that shows in each one of her posts!


Colby Moore


Followers: 27.6K


Colby Moore is a photographer in Springfield who has built an impressive portfolio of arresting landscape images from all across the country. He has an amazing ability to be in the right place at the right time, which is certainly a skill rather than luck in his case. Moore also shoots events for families and couples for his photography company, which he operates alongside his wife Jess. Moore’s photos will make you want to travel the world to see in person what he captures on camera.



IG Husband


Followers: 20.8K


The video that put Springfield on the Instagram map, IG Husband is based on the uberviral hit from The Mystery Hour and Blend Studio. It’s a really funny account that plays on the success of the original video. It shares content from all around the web of people who can relate to being their significant other’s personal photographer. If you’re in need of a good chuckle, smash the follow button on this account!

Madison Hedlund


Followers: 8.9K


Life Coach and guru Madison Hedlund is a great source of inspiration and uplifting stories, especially through her frequent IG stories. Sh ereceived the prestigious ‘Beautiful You International Coach of the Year Award’ presented in Melbourne Australia in March. Hedlund shares beautiful images that always include words of wisdom and nuggets of inspiration on a daily basis.




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