Luxury Pools In The Ozarks.

May 1, 2015

Pools of  Ozarks Homes

The Ozarks is best known for it wonderful waterways and spacious lakes, however having the luxury of owning your own pool and or spa is becoming more popular. The thought of having your own personal oasis has become big business for locally owned pool and spa owners like Springfield Pool and Spa, Fishel Pools and Indian Summer Pools. According to these businesses the latest and greatest trends are salt water pools and spas, infinity pools, wade pools, walk-in beach entry pools and fountains for the pool.  Believe it or not having a pool with a fountain can help with water and chemical circulation plus be enjoyable for the whole family.

infinity pool

Gorgeous infinity pool overlooking Table Rock Lake

walk in pool

A beach walk in pool in luxury Lions Gate









We combed through many Murney listing and found some pretty amazing homes for sale with awesome pools and outdoor entertaining areas. Here are some for your pleasure.


Beautiful family pool at 2115 Eagle View Drive in Battlefield MO.

2115 N. Eagle View Battlefield, MO.











Comfortable and private pool located at John Q Hammons Parkway.

Privacy and great views.










If you are interested in owning a home with a pool or spa contact a Murney Associate today. If you are looking to build a pool here is are some links to a great list of local Pool & Spa businesses.

Springfield Pool and Spa

Indian Summer Pools

Fishel Pools

My American Pool and Spa

Buster Crabbe Pools

Dougs Pool and Spa


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