The Ultimate Guide to Nachos in Springfield

November 15, 2017

Is there a more perfect vehicle for eating than the tortilla chip? It’s a utensil that you eat! It’s certainly one of the most important culinary inventions in modern history. Our city has a pretty splendid situation for connoisseurs of nacho excellence. Having a full list of the best nacho experiences in town is something we take very seriously, so without further ado, here is our complete guide to nachos in Springfield.


The WheelHouse Nachos


The Wheelhouse is one of our favorite spots in town. They are so creative with their dishes and the nachos are a perfect example. It’s a choose your own adventure book of nacho-y goodness. You can pick from chicken, steak or veggies as the main component and then choose your sauce as well. You can pick from the Wheelhouse’s famous peanut sauce, Mojo sauce or have it all with both! On the bed of crispy tortilla chips, these nachos have pinto beans, red onions, cilantro, Cotija cheese and options for sour cream and guac!



Dorinachos at Elotes Don Tono


This taco truck is rife with street cred. It’s known to aficionados as one of the best spots in town for authentic tacos, but don’t sleep on the Dorinachos. Taco Bell may have come up with the idea to use Doritos as a shell, but Elotes Don Tono may have perfected the fusion of nacho cheese chips with Mexican cuisine. The Dorinachos are a base of Doritos with Mexican street corn sprinkled on top of cheese and jalapeños. Delish!


Chipotle Chicken Nachos at Houlihan’s


While the Chipotle Chicken Nachos are listed on the appetizer section at Houlihan’s, they are more than enough for an entire meal. It’s a colossus of cheese, chips and chicken that won’t leave you hungry! The chicken is chile-roasted and blanketed in cheddar and chipotle cheese sauce with jalapeno, cilantro, guacamole, sour cream and salsa joining the party on top.


Queso at The Alamo Drafthouse


Ok so, nacho truthers might not consider these nachos, but we’re calling it close enough. The chips and queso at Alamo Drafthouse are like a dear friend that goes to the movies with you, doesn’t talk during the film and makes movie-going more fun! Dip the white corn tortilla chips into a blend of Cotija, cilantro and nacho cheese for a perfect bite. You can even add chorizo (or soyrizo), avocado and charred tomato salsa to get the full nacho experience.



Big Whiskey Nachos


Big Whiskey’s lives up to the first part of it’s name often.  The Big Whiskey Nachos are a plentiful bounty of cheese, chips and other tasty morsels that will get you ready for your main course. They use a smooth melted cheddar, refried beans, diced tomatoes and shredded lettuce with taco sauce, sour cream, jalapenos and either chicken or beef.


Cheddar’s Ultimate Nachos


Before you chomp into those chicken tenders at Cheddar’s, give these nachos a go. They are everything you’d expect from a well-crafted plate of nachos. Either chicken or beef on top of corn tortilla chips, nestled under a healthy portion of cheddar and jack, sour cream, jalapenos, pico and drizzled with house made queso!



Perches Nachos


These nachos are so good, the owners put their name on them! The nachos at Tortilleria Perches feature a choice of protein, their amazing white queso, tomatoes, jalapenos, sour cream and guac. You can really mix it up each time by going with carne asada, ground beef, chicken or carnitas!



Nacho Brewco at SBC



Nachos and brews are a combination rivaling peanut butter and jelly as one of the best meal pairings in the culinary world. At SBC, the Nacho Brewco is a perfect companion to a craft brew and a good conversation. On a mountainous pile of crispy chips, you can choose either roasted chicken or smoked pulled pork to buddy up with spicy queso and all the fixins you’d expect in an order of nachos.



Maria’s El Nacho


Before a night on the town, Maria’s is a great spot to get your nacho fix in Downtown Springfield.  El Nacho delivers the true Mexican flavors that Maria’s is known for with crispy fried corn tortillas, piled high with seasoned Beans & your choice of Ground Beef or Chicken. It’s also topped with Queso, Lettuce & Tomato, Sour Cream & Jalapeños. There’s also an option to add seafood for just 95¢!


Barbecue Nachos at Whole Hog Cafe


Combining BBQ and nachos is a stroke of genius. Whole Hog’s ‘cue is really great anyway, but when you pile some delicious pulled pork on top on a pile of chips and creamy nacho cheese it’s even better. The coup de grace is the drizzled house BBQ sauce on top, completing the marriage of smoky goodness with the traditional elements of good nachos!



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