10 Reasons You Should Never Go to Springfield, Missouri 😉

August 3, 2018

Springfield, Missouri is just an awful place to go if you’re a fan of bad places. It’s not really a big city and it’s not really a small city. Make up your mind, Springfield! It’s surrounded by beautiful forests and natural areas, but there are bugs there. Gross. It’s also pretty well known for being well liked by nearly everyone who comes here. Show off! There are plenty of reasons you should avoid Springfield, but here are just a few of the reasons that you should never go there.

If you hate delicious food, stay the heck out.


If you haven’t noticed already, we’re pretty big fans of food here at the Murney blog.  Recently, we covered five restaurants that are totally en vogue right now. There’s new restaurants popping up all the time in Springfield, including Zayka, Rama Thai, Druff’s (gourmet grilled cheesery) and plenty more! Just too many good restaurants. It makes picking your spot for dinner way too hard.


It’s going to ruin the city you live in now.


After you visit Springfield, you’re just going to compare it with wherever you live now, and frankly it won’t be good for that other city. Springfield is just a better place to be and we know it’s not fair, but that’s the way it is.


If you think wildlife isn’t wonderful, skip it.


If you’re one of these people who thinks animals and nature are below average, just don’t come. You’ll probably end up going to Wonders of Wildlife, America’s #1 new attraction according to USA Today. You’ll have to look at adorable penguins, giant aquariums and experience nature in a completely different way than you ever have before.

Long commutes are your favorite thing? You’ll be disappointed.


If you love to wake up extra early every morning to take a really long drive to work every morning, you’ll really hate Springfield. You can get anywhere in the city, usually under 15 minutes. It’s horrible for people who enjoy traffic jams.

Think starting a new business should be expensive? Pass on SGF.

Source: WalletHub

Springfield was named as the best city in America for business costs by WalletHub.com this year.  That’s right, WalletHub.com says Springfield is the lowest cost place in the country to start a business. With advocates like the eFactory, One Million Cups and others, small businesses have fantastic opportunities to learn the ropes and create a sustainable plan to achieve their business goals. So, if you love spending a bunch of money, pass on SGF.

The housing prices will make you feel like you got a raw deal in a bigger city.


It’s an easy thing to forget when you’ve lived here for a long period of time, but Springfield is incredible affordable when compared to the national average. In our world of real estate, our city’s affordability really shines at 25% below the national average. Housing costs in Springfield and the surrounding area are almost shockingly lower than those of San Francisco and Washington D.C. Our friends at liveinspringfieldmo.com have calculated that a home valued at $195,000 in Springfield would cost $1,434,407 in San Francisco! At that rate, you could buy seven homes in Springfield for the same amount in San Francisco. Unless it’s the actual home from Full House, we’d take the seven homes in SGF.

If you’re favorite thing is being bored, try somewhere else.


There are just too many things to do here. You’re going to miss out on some of them and you’ll be really bummed out about it. If you’re most pleased when you’re twiddling your thumbs, you’re just not gonna like it here.  You can always subscribe to our blog for news on the community and some of the events going on.  There’s also a page on the News-Leader’s web site that can be a great place to check for upcoming events in the Springfield area.


You’ll get the jitters from drinking too much delicious coffee.


The Queen City is quickly becoming the bean city. It all started with the Mud House, which opened in 1998, has been serving up finely crafted coffee drinks since before it was cool. In the past 10 years, we’ve seen other cool cafes sprout up like Kingdom Coffee, the Coffee Ethic, Brick and Mortar coffee and plenty others. In short, there’s no excuse not to have a great cup of coffee in your hand if you’re hanging out in Springfield.


You will become a craft beer snob.


There’s been a surge of craft breweries springing up all across the Ozarks, and several of them are right in our own backyard. Mother’s Brewery took Springfield by storm in 2011. Their mix of creative marketing and tasty, unique brews landed them in nearly every pub in the city. Since then, we’ve also seen White River Brewing and Show-Me Brewing take off as well. And Springfield Brewing Company has been serving up locally brewed drafts for years in Downtown Springfield. You’re just not going to look at beer the same way ever again.


It’s too hard to choose which awesome neighborhood you’re going to live in.


It’s going to take a long time to pick out which neighborhood you want to live in because there are so many really nice ones to choose from. You’ll have to whittle it down based on which award-winning school district you like best, which stunning architecture you’d want to see everyday and which convenient location you’re comfortable with.


You guys know we’re kidding right? We love Springfield! We just wanted to beat out those other articles on the web that say some not so nice things about Springfield. Let’s get this one to the top of negative searches for the Queen City! Beat the system!

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