15 Brand New Restaurants to Try in Springfield This Summer

May 13, 2019

It’s that time again! We’ve got another batch of new restaurants to tell you about in the Ozarks! One of our favorite things is trying all the latest in local fare and we’ve been happy campers over the past few months. Let’s take a quick look at 15 new places to grab a bite in the Springfield area!


1620 East Republic Road

(417) 823-8383


Don’t worry! The restaurant formerly known as Touch still has all your favorites under its new name. You can still get those scrummy bacon wrapped dates, Chicken Bijan and as many oysters as you can handle. What’s changed is a renewed focus on steak. The Jallili family doesn’t mess around when it comes to redmeat and the selection at Char may very well be their masterpiece.

Frank N’ Steins

535 W. Walnut


Frank N’ Steins, a totally unique hotdoggery in downtown Springfield combines a love of hot dogs and movies. Filling the void left in our hearts after the closing of Merle’s, Frank N’ Steins figures to be a mainstay in the hearts of hot dog lovers across the city. “Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore really hungry!”

Best of Luck Beer Hall

313-B South Jefferson Ave

(417) 522-9009

The Best of Luck Beer Hall is one of Springfield newest hangout spots. In addition to having a 40 beers on tap and new craft beers rotating through its doors, this chummy bar is a formidable restaurant as well. They’re open for lunch and dinner, slinging sausages in a bunch of different ways and cranking out waffles, sandwiches and plenty more. Plus, there are vintage arcade games, a lawn for outdoor games and several leagues for the most serious of players.

Neighbor’s Mill 2

Sunshine and National

We love our Neighor’s. Partly because their first location is almost our actual neighbor just south of the Murney Home office on Independence and mostly because they have some of the most amazing breakfast and lunch options in town. We’re super excited about their new location in the brand new Sagamore development across from Mercy Hospital. Now even more folks can have a meal with their Neighbor’s.

Morning Day Café

105 S Main Street

(417) 494-5055

Nixa’s newest hotspot goes heavy on creativity and uses local ingredients to make sure that things taste as good as they look. It’s a restaurant that is tailor made for brunch, but don’t forget it when you’re breaking fast or lunching either. They’ve got some super imaginative items like lavender blueberry pop tarts that will make you forget completely about the ones you can buy in the store, mini apple pies that can make you feel a little less guilty about eating an entire pie by yourself and a 5-cheese penne pasta with scrambled eggs and locally raised pulled pork.

Craft Sushi

1251 East Sunshine Suite 116

(417) 319-5887

Another great new spot in in the Sagamore, Craft Sushi has quickly become an office favorite here at Murney. For the folks who like rolls, they’ve got a customizable menu that allows you to mix and match every time you order, “crafting” a deliciously personal meal. For people who like bowls, they’ve got a similar set up that makes us think of a deconstructed sushi roll. It’s basically like a Sushi version of Subway, but with less sadness. J/K Subway, J/K.

Agave Neighborhood Grill and Bar

3057 s. Fremont Ave

(417) 319-5291

If you’re a big fan of Margs, you really need to try Agave. People rave about the selection and cleverness of Agave’s margaritas.  They’re big, flavorful and versatile drinks that pair perfectly with a creative menu that offers some unique tastes among all your favorite Mexican cuisine dishes.

NoBaked Cookie Dough Springfield

1364 E Republic Rd

(417) 988-1009

Originally started in Nashville, No Bake Cookie Dough has completely taken off since its inception back in 2017. It’s founder Megan Feeman now has 6 location in Kentucky, Tennessee and now Springfield. Think of it as a South side option for when you can’t get to the first cookie dough shop in Downtown Springfield, Crave Cookie Dough.

KUMA Japanese – Springfield

3405 E. Battlefield

(417) 720-1126

The Japanese Poke Bowl has now fully arrived in Springfield. Along with the aforementioned Craft Sushi, Kuma serves the traditional Japanese rice bowl dish that is also a staple of Hawaiian cuisine. You can choose your own adventure with the Poke bowl/sushi burrito option on the menu. It’s super versatile and can turn out like a salad, rice bowl or even nachos. It’s the third in the restaurant portfolio of South Korean import Jay Jung, who also own Omo Japanese Soul Food and MaMa’s Korean Grill.


(417) 522-3178

If you couldn’t guess from the name, this food truck’s specialty is sea food, specifically shrimp and catfish. It doesn’t nail itself down to just one region’s seafood, implementing elements of Southern, Cajun and Midwestern dishes. In addition to tastes of the sea, Maritime does gourmet coffee as well.

Big Biscuit

2920 S Glenstone Ave

The long awaited opening of Big Biscuit in the Brentwood Shopping Center is finally here. It’s a traditional American breakfast restaurant that prides itself on having the best biscuits and gravy around. The portions are quite large, most likely inducing a post brunch nap for clean platers. A second location on Campbell is said to be in the works as well.

DACIA Romanian Food Truck

1666 E St. Louis Street

(702) 417-4401

When you think of Transylvanian food, you’re probably imagining mostly red, liquid dishes, right? Well, you’ll have to rethink that after visiting Dacia. The owners bring the flavors of Romania to Springfield in the form of an eclectic food truck stationed all around the Ozarks. Though it is primarily Romanian, Dacia delivers cuisine from all over the world and with it, a bit of meta data with each dish. Be sure to check the descriptions of each item while you’re in line.

22020 Lawerence 1200

(417) 308-3525

Secret family recipes, world champion pitmasters and 83 years of experience. What else could you want from a Missouri barbecue joint? The McNatt family have been giants of the grilling community in Souther Missouri for decades and the current patriarchDrew McNatt is making the family proud. He’s the owner of the 2013 title of world’s best brisket, the 2015 title of world’s best ribs and has taken home dozens of prestigious national awards including invites to the super-competitive Jack Daniels World Championship of BBQ. Hogtide has all your favorites with a whopping 64 menu items. For seekers of fine grilled meats, please don’t miss this one.

Luco’s Pizza

2925 W. Republic Rd. Suite 100

(417) 315-8586

Architect Coffee Co.

1604 E Republic Rd

(417) 771-5030

Add another one to the long list of trend-setting coffee shops in the Springfield area. Architect Coffee likely delivers finely planned and executed drinks and dishes with the precision of a seasoned builder. They’re students of the science behind coffee as you can see from the gadgetry placed throughout the preparation area. It makes our kitchen coffee pot look a bit on the puny side. They also serve pastries, cakes and savory dishes to pair with a meticulous cup of Joseph.



Bigfoot Subs

2204 West College Street

(417) 771-5333

Suggested by a commenter on Facebook, Bigfoot Subs is a fantastic addition to this list! If you couldn’t tell from the name, they make sandwiches and they’re big. They don’t skimp on the portions and they have tons of other items that can either pair with a sandwich or make a delicious non-sandwich meal. Check out the pizzas, soups and coffee too!


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