New Restaurants to Try this Summer in Springfield

May 14, 2018

We’re always on the lookout for new places to grab a bite. Lately, we’ve noticed quite a few restaurants popping up around town, so naturally a culinary investigation ensued. Our findings show that deliciousness is rampant in the Queen City and if you’re looking for a new place to nosh some tasty grub, we’ve got a few places you’ve absolutely got to try.

Crave Cookie Dough

Highlights info row image 325 E. Walnut St. Suite 102
Highlights info row image(417) 350-1888

A whole store dedicated to the glory of cookie dough. This is beyond genius. Crave Cookie Dough opened recently in Downtown Springfield in the location previously held by Urban Cup (RIP) on Walnut. The idea here is that you can get a cup of cookie dough to eat, just like you do when you’re making cookies. If you’re anything like us, you always end up with about 3 or 4 fewer cookies than the recipe yields for exactly this reason. Well, Crave spices it up by adding toppings and taking cookie dough into other menu items like shakes, cookie sandwiches and actually cooked cookies. So good!

Van Gogh’s Eeterie

Highlights info row image 334 East Commercial Street
The newest spot on Historic C Street is a completely unique restaurant to the area. It’s a quirky take on a traditional Dutch pancake house. Think crepes from Aviary, but these are laid flat rather than rolled and they’re a bit larger than a traditional French crepe. They’re called Pannenkoek. Tough to pronounce, delicious to eat. Not in the mood for pancakes? No problem, Van Gogh’s has plenty of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all authentic flavors from Netherlands with a bit of the Ozarks baked in.

Karai Ramen + Handroll

Highlights info row image 640 W. Republic Rd. Ste 100
Highlights info row image (417) 319-5225

We just wrote about Karai last week, but they certainly deserve two mentions. They serve amazing ramen bowls and hand rolled sushi. The broth in their ramen dishes is to die for! So savory. So flavorful! Plus, you can add different levels of spice to it if you’re feeling adventurous. They focus on 11 bold ingredients, offering plenty of variety and the added bonus of their delicious hand rolls makes Karai a fantastic destination for lunch or dinner.

Timber and Tie Beer Co.

Highlights info row image 1451 E Cherry St
Highlights info row image (417) 429-9131

Ok, so not really a restaurant per se, but it is a new place to hang out near Downtown Springfield on Cherry. Tie and Timber was started by a husband and wife team who grew up in Springfield, moved to Colorado for a stretch and have returned home to share what they’ve learned about craft brewing with their friends and neighbors. In addition to brewing original craft beers, Tie and Timber will serve some tasty bar snacks and have live music regularly. Keep an eye out for what they’re doing next on Facebook!

Greek Belly

Highlights info row image 320 E. Walnut St.
Highlights info row image(417) 597-3382

Downtown’s much-anticipated new Greek restaurant is now open! The new Walnut Street spot will offer Greek fare like gyros and dolmades—classic recipes that were handed down from owner John Tsahiridis’s Greek family members. Tsahiridis has previewed the cuisine at downtown festivals like Artsfest and Taste of SoMo, and we can confirm: It’s legit. We’re especially excited to get our hands on those classic Greek desserts like sweet, perfectly flaky baklava. The News-Leader’s got the full scoop on this one.

Bits of Britain

Highlights info row image 401 N Boonville Ave
Highlights info row image (417) 848-0057

Bits of Britain brings flavors from across the pond to the middle of Springfield. They do British cuisine right, featuring dishes like sausage rolls, sticky toffee pudding, and of course delightful selection afternoon teas. In addition to the restaurant, the owners have opened a music venue just behind Bits of Britain called The Grove, in which they have live performances from local musicians. It’s a great spot to grab an authentic meal and hear some tunes in Downtown Springfield.


Coming Soon:

Zombie Dogs

From the creators of Hurt’s Donut comes Zombie Dogs and Fries. With the same trove of creativity prevalent in the fun donuts at Hurt’s, Zombie Dogs figures to be its savory equivalent. We don’t have an exact ETA on when Zombie Dogs will arrive in Springfield, but we can predict that its popularity will spread with every bite.


Chops Boutique Steakhouse

Pretty soon, the Galloway neighborhood is gonna be hotter than any other in town. The expansion project for the area is going to get reinforcements in the form a Jalili restaurant soon. The creators of Touch, Flame and Black Sheep Burgers are at it again, this time with a boutique-style steakhouse. News-Leader reporter Alissa Zhu has more information right here.



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