10 New Places to Eat & Drink in Springfield!

July 14, 2020

Yes, new restaurants and bars have opened during COVID and they’re awesome! We have a bunch of new spots to try! Some days food just tastes better when someone else makes it, especially when it’s the folks in this list! Check them out here and on their socials to see what dining options they have available!


Queen City Soul Kitchen

2006 N Broadway Ave

Hot off the presses, this new venture is posted to bring Southern Soul Food to Springfield! Here’s a message from their Facebook page:

“In response to the pent up demand for soul food in Springfield, Mo the creative team of Chef Paulie, Caterer Extraordinaire Francine Pratt, and Community Entrepreneur Lyle Foster have teamed up to launch Springfield’s Queen City Soul Kitchen.

The soul food that you have been waiting for is now here to satisfy the passion for traditional southern soul food and your favorite down-home memories. The love for soul food is in our DNA and recipes are often passed down from generation to generation. But many times the real secrets are not written down but come from watching the skilled soul chefs who are the grandmothers and “Pops” who satisfied many a family meal with their “slap your pappy” cooking.

The time is now for Springfield to taste soul food at the next level but still true to the familiar tastes that made us love soul food cooking in the first place.
Queen City Soul Kitchen is located in the neighborhoods of Springfield’s north side ready to serve you and to remind you of the best flavor that only comes from the recipes prepared with care and love like Grandma always made.

The launch takes place in two phases. In recognition of the COVID pandemic and its impact, we want to operate safely so we are starting with Pop up dinners that will be take out only (Phase one).

The restaurant will open Friday through Sunday beginning in late fall and yes Sundays will be Gospel Brunch.

Target Audience-All lovers of good soul food cuisine and those who want to discover the flavors of southern cooking with unique touches.”

Sweet Boy’s

310 South Avenue

This bar is a guaranteed hit in Downtown Springfield. The minds behind Golden Girl Rum Club, Best of Luck Beer Hall, and stylish local design company Fried Design put their heads together and founded this irreverent bar that has some of the most unique cocktails we’ve seen in town and a really fun environment. You can enjoy some interesting spirits and play pinball at the same time!

The Royal

1427 E Cherry Suite B

Rountree is makin’ moves. Another unique spot just opened up called The Royal and it has so much style. It will be home to drinks, finger foods and more, but the main thing here is the music. So far, they’ve been having vinyl nights in which they play records for their guests while they enjoy adult beverages and conversation. Doesn’t that sound like an amazing way to spend an evening? They’ve expressed plans to book live music in the future, but are practicing social distancing with their guests for the time being. It’s going to be a keeper for sure!

Niji Sushi Bar & Grill

3938 S. Lone Pine Ave. Suite 100-B

The newest addition to the hip reimagining of the Galloway neighborhood, Niji offers some incredible Japanese cuisine, clever cocktails, and a modern aesthetic. But Niji is about more than just delicious sushi. They also serve hibachi, bento box lunches, and a good selection of gourmet ramen. The menu is versatile enough to work into your weekly list several times with different flavors.

Emilia Bar & Trattoria

300 E Commercial St

This is the restaurant formerly known as the Elkhart and Robberson. One of Springfield’s most exciting young chefs, Drake Tillman retooled the idea behind his newest venture after taking time to analyze the landscape of restaurants in the city. Tillman decided to stay true to his roots, which are in traditional Italian cuisine. Tillman spent 3 months in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, studying the techniques of the country that taught the world to eat! We will be anxiously awaiting the launch!

Culture Counter

607 S Pickwick

Culture Counter is another super cute, modern food place in the Rountree neighborhood! It’s a foodie’s dream! They serve incredible lunches, including this waffle masterpiece. Culture Counter is not only a great place to grab lunch or brunch, it’s also a grocer that carries tasty ingredients for any type of diet. We just love the decor too. It’s so unique and inviting!

Bourbon & Beale

2639 South Glenstone Avenue

You probably saw this restaurant adjacent to the Battlefield Mall for months and wondered when it was opening. Well, it’s officially here! Bourbon & Beale is the latest restaurant from Michael Felts, who also owns Hot Cluckers and Taco Habitat (which should be opening soon). Bourbon and Beale derives its name from two famous streets in New Orleans and Memphis respectively. The cuisine is a combination of both iconic cities’ styles. We particularly loved the jambalaya. So flavorful! You can also get BBQ, gumbo, po’boys and so much more!

Skully’s Ramen

1427 E. Cherry Street

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before…another new restaurant in Rountree! Skully’s isn’t exactly new though. They’ve got a very strong ramen game (and a VERY strong meme game). In addition to their take on noodles, they also make incredible wings, wok bowls and kimchi fries that will get stuck in your head all week long. It is a great time to live in Rountree with so many great new spots to check out.

SPLIT Social Kitchen

3027 E Sushine St

Not only can you expect some delicious food at SPLIT, you can also expect a sense of humor and a chill atmosphere. The name of the restaurant comes from the owners’ breakup. Yup, they ‘split’ and then decided to open a restaurant together. They have fun with that idea on their website, too. Hey, whatever works right? In this case, the food they make together certainly works.  The menu looks like it’s pretty eclectic, ranging from a softshell crab BLT to a summery risotto and even something they call smack and cheese, which features a secret recipe.

Prehistoric Brewing Company

1816 S Glenstone Ave


The city’s latest brewery is a blast from the past. Prehistoric Brewing Company is all about the brew and a little bit about dinosaurs too. They have some really fun names for their creations including an Irish Red called Clever Girl (a nod to the raptor scene in Jurassic Park), a single IPA called Found a Way (another Jurassic Park hat tip) and the Apex Predator, a bitter triple IPA. In addition to the interesting new flavors and creative branding, PHB is also home to the hottest bar in town. Literally. It’s lit with LED to look like lava. So imaginative!


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