10 World Records That Were Made in the Ozarks

April 27, 2017

The most important world record the Ozarks has ever set is the Coolest Place in the World to live record that we just made up, but many other world records have been set here as well.  According to Guinness, there are ten World Records that stand today set by people in the Ozarks. Let’s take a look at the amazing feats that put the Ozarks in the record books!



Fastest mile joggling with three objects – women

Former Missouri State student-athlete Emily Beaver set the Guinness World Record for the fastest mile jogging while juggling 3 objects.  Jogging and juggling at the same time is known by enthusiasts as ‘joggling.’ Beaver finished a mile run while joggling in under 6 minutes! Her official time was 5 minutes, 58 seconds.  She completed the record-setting run on the track at Plaster Stadium around the football field on May 15th, 2013.  Pretty impressive Emily!


Longest distance cycling backwards on a unicycle

Pleasant Hope’s Carl Fisher set the Guinnes World record for longest career as a school bus driver with 64 years on the job! Fisher started driving school buses as soon as he could drive legally in approximately 1946. According to Guinness, Fisher has driven three generations of the same family to school.  Such a cool story! Thank you for your service, Mr. Fisher!

Most clap pull ups in one minute

How pull ups can you do? Now, how many can you do while hoisting yourself up in the air between each one, high enough to clap your hands? Yeah, you’ve got to have some serious upper body strength to do that one time, much less 30 times! Blake Augustine did exactly that in December of 2015 in Neosho. This guy would be a perfect friend to have help you move. He’d probably be able to move the couch himself!

One of the most prominent businesses in Joplin, Missouri does a very important job. It makes food, toys and other items for our pets.  Hampshire Per Products is a pretty remarkable place, but one of it’s most remarkable moments was when it set the world record for largest dog biscuit in the world.  The biscuit that beat the record weighed in at 617 pounds and was 19 feet long! Even Clifford the Big Red Dog would have a tough time munching that one down.  It beat the previous record by more than 400 pounds, too! These folks don’t mess around!


Most telephone directories torn in three minutes (male)

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