10 Refreshing Restaurants in Republic

February 13, 2020

Apologies for the aggressive alliteration in the headline, but we’re excited about the foodie scene in Republic! The city is growing rapidly and with it, plenty of tasty spots have opened up to feed the masses and plenty have been there for years! Let’s take a look at 10 of the best places to get your nom on in Republic, Missouri!

Village Pottery Cafe

127 S. Walnut Ave

The thing we love most about Village Pottery Cafe is that there’s nothing quite like it anywhere in the Ozarks. It’s a full service eatery that has specials all the time and tries new items just as often. Plus, it’s a place where people of all ages can go to channel their inner artist. They regularly hold events like a group workshop on Mandala painting techniques and a series they call ‘Brush Up on Reading,’ in which they teach kids to paint and hone their reading skills. Village Pottery Cafe is one of those rare, unique places that really makes a community what it is and Republic is lucky to have it!

Flat Creek

772 E. Hwy 60

A year ago this month, Flat Creek opened its second location in Republic and its been a big hit for folks from all across the area. It originated as a single restaurant on Table Rock Lake and became so popular that they opened the new location in an impressive new facility with a giant chicken there to greet you each time you stop by. Its claim to fame is easily the fried catfish, which is is all you can eat, so come hungry! That’s not the only thing people love at Flat Creek, though. Republic folks love the Prime Rib, Crab Legs and fried pies as well, just to name a few!


558 E Harrison

If big, hearty cheeseburgers bring you joy, you’re really gonna love this place. Beefcakes’ are some of the biggest, most creative burgers anywhere in Southwest Missouri. They do things a little different, which you can see in the Mac & Cheese covered burger above. They’ve got a wide array of crazy flavor combos and toppings choices. Be sure you get enough napkins though, because these aren’t white shirt burgers. You’re gonna get your hands a little messy, but trust us, it’s worth it!

Rocco’s Italian Kitchen

250 US Highway 60 E

The story of Rocco’s pizza goes all the way back to 1968 when Rocco Palazzolo immigrated to the US with the money his father gave him from selling a cow. Rocco famously started selling Tomato Pies in the New Jersey area and built several other successful restaurants before landing in the Ozarks. He brought with him an award-winning pizza recipe and technique that has won two People’s Choice Awards at the Ozarks Literacy Council’s Pizza Bowl. People in Republic love this place for more than just its famous pizza too. It’s got all kinds of Italian cuisine and we’re told if you order a salad, you gotta ask for cheese on it. Order it and you’ll know why.

E’s Inn

253 US Highway 60 E

E’s Inn is not only a great place to grab some classic America food, it’s a staple of the city of Republic. It’s the longest running restaurant in town and has become an icon for residents over the years. Fans rave about their ice cream cones, burgers and of course the throw back vibes to the establishment.

Big Whiskey’s

900 N Old Towne Ave

One the Ozarks most successful restaurant chains, Big Whiskey’s has been a favorite in the Ozarks since the first store opened in Downtown Springfield in 2006. You can always count on big bold flavors, filling portions and sports on the TV. It’s the perfect place to catch a game or to gather after winning one.


1644 US Highway 60 E

One of the best places in town to get a burger has to be Bair’s.  They have more than 100 different varieties on the menu, including the Fried Egg Burger, the Pizza Burger and the absolutely enormous Bubba burger (Two 8 oz. burger patties topped with BBQ sauce, four slices of bacon, onion tanglers, two slices of American cheese and two of Swiss).  It’s a great place to catch a game and enjoy a drink too!

Heady BBQ

573 E Elm St

If you’re in the mood for BBQ (which is basically all the time for us), Heady is the spot for you in Republic. They have an amazingly creative menu with items like Trash Fries, which are basically like an Ozarkian version of poutine, burnt ends street tacos, and BBQ tostadas. You will never have a boring meal here!

The Black Lab Coffee Company

545 E Elm St

Don’t let the name fool you, Black Lab is much more than just a gourmet coffee shop. They have some incredible breakfast, lunch and pastry options that will keep you coming back even when you’re fully caffeinated. Just look at this beautiful waffle masterpiece. It’s like this with all their menu items. Oh and the coffee is fantastic too!

Classic Rock Coffee

1230 US Highway 60 E

Any time you can take two things that are great and combine them to make one thing that’s better than great, we’re on board. That’s what the folks at Classic Rock Coffee have been doing for years! Not only can you get an excellent coffee drink and some rock n’ roll, you can also get some tasty treats, breakfast sandwiches and plenty more!

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